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How do I use the Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser Bar?

Place the Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser Bar into the Biconi Soap Saver bag (included in the box) and lather up with wet hands. After use, hang soap to dry inside the soap saver bag as natural soap bars will dissolve when left sitting in water. Alternatively, you can use a soap dish (with or without the soap saver bag) if preferred. The ideal soap dish is one with a draining tray to keep soap dry when not in use.

How do I apply the Glow Facial Serum?

Place a few drops of the Glow Facial Serum on to your palms and gently rub your palms together to spread out the oil. Gently pat palms on to clean face.

How much serum you should apply depends on your skin type. We recommend the following: 1-2 drops for oily skin, 2-4 drops for combination skin and 3-5 drops for dry skin.

When should I apply the Glow Facial Serum?

Our serum is designed to be used both day and night. If this is your first facial oil and you are worried about how your skin will react, we recommend starting off with only 1-2 drops first and applying them at night.

We have received rave reviews from happy customers who have used the serum in the morning, before applying any makeup. If you choose to do this, we recommend waiting for the serum to be completely absorbed - this takes between 5-15 minutes depending on skin type - before applying makeup.