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Virgin Coconut Oil

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  • Packed with anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe inflamed, itchy skin caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis
  • Intensively moisturising, making it suitable for dry or damaged skin
  • One of only a few oils that can penetrate into the hair shaft, to moisturise damaged hair from the inside out
  • Frequently used as a natural dandruff treatment due to its anti-microbial properties
  • Used as a traditional remedy against hair loss, greying hair and split ends
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Virgin coconut oil is a tropical oil that not only smells delicious, it is also packed with medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) – the key component that is responsible for its many health benefits. A deeply moisturising oil that has high anti-inflammatory properties, it can help soothe inflamed, itchy skin such as those caused by eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

A clear, light liquid oil at temperatures above 25°C which turns into a solid butter at colder temperatures, virgin coconut oil has a distinctive coconut scent. This oil has a slow skin penetration rate, making it better suited for those with dry skin. Damaged skin can also benefit from applying virgin coconut oil due to its healing properties.

One of only a few oils with the ability to penetrate into the hair shaft, virgin coconut oil can also be used to help treat dry, damaged hair as well as flaky, itchy scalp. The anti-microbial properties of virgin coconut oil means that it is frequently used as a natural alternative to medicated dandruff treatments.

Our pure, cold-pressed virgin coconut oil comes packed in a travel-friendly glass bottle with drip control, making it easy to use straight from the bottle. If your virgin coconut oil solidifies due to a temperature change, place it in a cup of hot water for a few minutes to liquefy. A stable oil, it can alternate between solid and liquid without any damage to its nutritional properties.


  • Use as a body oil or massage oil, on its own or in combination with essential oils.
  • As a makeup remover, add 2-3 drops to a cotton pad to gently remove makeup.
  • To use as a deep hair conditioning treatment, massage in 1-2 tablespoons of oil into your hair and scalp and leave for at least an hour. Shampoo off twice to remove all traces of oil.
  • Virgin coconut oil can also be used as a tanning oil.
  • Use as a shaving oil by applying a liberal amount of virgin coconut oil onto skin before shaving.




    Customer Reviews

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    Which Pure Oils is ideal for me?

    Our range of Pure Oils come in a variety of skin penetration rates, making sure that there is a perfect oil for each skin type. Virgin Coconut Oil has the slowest skin penetration rate and is ideal for those with dry or inflamed skin. Sweet Almond Oil has medium skin penetration and is better suited for those with normal/combination or sensitive skin. Argan Oil penetrates the skin the fastest, making it ideal for those with oily skin.

    How can I use Virgin Coconut Oil?

    As the oil with the slowest skin penetration rate, Virgin Coconut Oil is ideal for those with dry or inflamed skin. It also works well as a massage oil (add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for added luxury) and eye makeup remover.

    Virgin Coconut Oil is one of only a few oils available that is able to penetrate the hair shaft. Other oils can only sit on top of the hair and is not able to moisturise hair from the inside. If you have dry hair, you can massage 1-2 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut Oil on your hair as a deep conditioning treatment. Leave for at least an hour and shampoo thoroughly 2-3 times to remove all oil residue.

    What is the difference between virgin coconut oil and ordinary coconut oil?

    The key difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil is the extraction process. Regular coconut oil is extracted from dried coconut meat (also known as copra) via heat and fermentation, thus stripping the oil of its many nutritional properties.

    Virgin coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut milk without the use of heat. This extraction process leaves virgin coconut oil with a pleasant, light coconut smell and taste. Since no heat is used to extract virgin coconut oil, its nutritional properties are also preserved – thus virgin coconut oil contains more antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals than ordinary coconut oil. The shelf life of virgin coconut oil is also much longer than ordinary coconut oil or any other edible oil as it hasn’t been subjected to heat or sunlight.

    100% pure, cold pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)


    Content: 50ml

    Shipping Weight: 110g