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Yes, Really! Coconut Oil for Skin Provides Help for Adult Acne

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Even though people think of acne as an adolescent problem, it is an unfortunate fact that many adults continue to deal with breakouts long past their teen years. There are many beauty products on the market today that claim to help banish those breakouts, but the best treatment may be something more typically found in the kitchen than the beauty aisle.

Drying Out Skin Doesn't Work

Oil is usually the last thing people want to put on skin that's breaking out. Instead, most acne treatments have a drying effect on skin, using ingredients like alcohol and benzoyl peroxide in an attempt to shrink and dry out pimples.

Products that dry out skin can actually make acne worse for several reasons. Dry skin develops tiny cracks that allow blemish-causing bacteria to enter and grow. Products that dry skin also dry out and remove some of the skin's protective layer called sebum. The hardened sebum that is left on skin gets stuck in pores, causing more acne rather than clearing it up.

A common side effect of traditional acne treatments is peeling or flaking skin. Such drying of the skin can lead to skin looking older, losing its elasticity sooner, and wrinkling more. Those dealing with adult acne are often forced to choose between the breakouts that many moisturizers can cause, and skin that looks older because it's dry and flaky.

Oils Help Skin Balance and Heal

Coconut and other oils benefit skin by hydrating and adding nutrients and replenishing the skin's moisture and protective sebum layer while also reducing irritation and swelling. As skin is moisturized and protected, underlying damage has a chance to heal. One advantage to coconut oil over other oils is that the redness associated with acne is greatly reduced.

The lauric acid and other nutrients found in coconut oil kill bacteria and infection-causing microbes, replacing the protective layer of skin that is too often scrubbed off by vigorous washing. Vitamin E in particular is a nutrient that treats the root cause of acne to prevent further breakouts. Coconut oil may be most effective when it is both applied topically and consumed.

The anti-aging properties of coconut oil also make it possible to both hydrate skin and treat blemishes, making it a great choice for those fighting the ravages of time as well as adult acne.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Cleansing Skin

Although coconut oil absorbs into skin within a few minutes, a greasy feel can sometimes persist. Biconi offers Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser, which provides the benefits of pure, virgin coconut oil and other plant extracts like noni without the greasiness that plain coconut oil can leave behind.

Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser is all natural and free from chemicals that would dry skin and from harmful substances like sulfates and pthalates, which some think might even cause cancer.

Adding Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser to your beauty routine is a great way to balance skin and heal breakouts. It also protects against future breakouts and other skin problems like redness, dryness and signs of aging.


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