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Why Virgin Coconut Oil?

Why Virgin Coconut Oil?

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Coconut oil has taken the world by storm. People are using it for everything from cooking to skin care and raving about their results. If you've been interested in getting in on the coconut oil trend, especially in terms of the Biconi products that contain virgin coconut oil, keep reading.

Why Virgin Oil?

Before running out to the nearest supermarket or health food store, make sure you know what you need. There's a big difference between coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.

It all boils down to one big difference: the extraction process.

When regular coconut oil is extracted, it is taken from copra (dried coconut meat) through a process that involves heat and fermentation. In this process, many of the nutritional properties of coconut oil are stripped.

Virgin coconut oil is extracted without the use of heat from fresh coconut milk, resulting in a product that smells and tastes lightly of coconut. Plus, the nutritional properties are preserved. This means the oil has more fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins than ordinary coconut oil. Plus, virgin coconut oil has a longer shelf life than traditional coconut oil as it is not subjected to heat or sunlight.

The Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil offers a plethora of benefits. It's antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and is an antioxidant. Because the extraction process of virgin coconut oil uses no heat, the oil retains its anti-aging properties.

Simply put, using virgin coconut oil is the best way to harvest the many benefits of the coconut.

Virgin coconut oil is known to be beneficial in hair care, skin care, weight loss, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, increasing immunity, and improving the metabolic rate in those who use it.

Products Containing Virgin Coconut Oil

While many people think that using oil on the face or in the hair can lead to negative results, quite the opposite is true when it comes to virgin coconut oil.

The people behind Biconi, a natural beauty product company, know that virgin coconut oil is an important ingredient for quality products. That is why they use virgin coconut oil in many of their products.

Virgin coconut oil can be found in a variety of Biconi's products. It's in the brand's hair rejuvenating solid shampoo, which works to revive hair follicles and reverse hair loss.

Biconi's hair repair conditioner also contains virgin coconut oil. The natural ingredients are said to moisturize and replenish the hair's natural oils.

When it comes to the face, many people are hesitant to use anything that contains oil. However, almost all of Biconi face products contain oil.

The Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser protects skin, improves skin tone, and eliminates clogged pores. It can also lighten pigmentation and reduce inflammation.

Biconi also has a children's tooth paste made with virgin coconut oil that helps provide children with healthy teeth and gums without using fluoride.

Start a New Beauty Ritual

Virgin coconut oil

Knowing the benefits of virgin coconut oil makes it easy for anyone looking to enhance a beauty regimen or start a new one altogether. Your hair and skin will thank you.

Dana Rasmussen has had a long and healthy relationship with virgin coconut oil. Her face and hair have never been healthier.

photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi via photopin cc

photo credit: Ale Art via photopin cc

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