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What Else Can My Man Do For Fuller Hair?

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Using hair care products from Biconi can help your man to stem the tide of hair loss. Both the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner contain coconut oil and noni extract, leaving out parabens, sulfates, and other harsh chemicals that can damage hair and make hair loss worse.

These Biconi products are an effective way to fight hair loss, which affects as many as 85% of men by age 70. Meanwhile, what can a guy do to help maximize the lovely hair he's got? Turns out, there are plenty of things a man can do to make hair look fuller and thicker while waiting for Biconi products to start his hair growing again.

Tips for Thicker Looking Hair

--Make sure it's clean. Washing won't make him lose more hair, and dirty, greasy hair looks flat and separates to show more spaces between strands. Use warm water when washing, since hot water is drying and decreases scalp health.

--Don't comb and brush constantly. Instead, he should use his fingers to style his hair (you can help if he's okay with that). Finger styling adds volume and texture so that hair looks less limp and flat.

--Avoid waxes and gels. The best styling products for thin hair are mousses and sprays that give hair "root lift." Lighter products won't weigh hair down which can make it look even thinner. In this case, the flyaway, windblown look may be better than stiff and flat hair.

--Blow drying can help with volume. Use a blow dryer on the lowest possible heat setting, since too much heat can damage hair and make it brittle.

--A gentle touch is best. Vigorous towel drying may seem needed to get water out of the hair, but hair is weaker when wet, and roughness causes hairs to snap more easily, which could exacerbate a hair loss problem.

--Protect his entire head from sun damage. Sun exposure makes hair brittle and fragile, and sunburn on the scalp causes hair follicles to start shedding rather than growing new hair.

--Eat more soy products. According to recent research, compounds released as soy digests actually block the hormone that causes hair loss. Who knew that soy could be as beneficial for men as it is for women?

The Biconi Difference

Biconi hair care products also help maximize hair's thickness as they encourage regrowth. The unique structure of coconut oil molecules allows them to penetrate the hair shaft and make hair appear thicker and fuller. Coconut oil also hydrates hair so it doesn't look dry and brittle, preventing it from breaking prematurely. Other hair thickening products may thicken hair, but they use chemicals like sulfates and parabens that can actually contribute to hair damage and ultimately make the problem worse.

Biconi products contribute to the overall health of hair and heal damaged hair follicles from the inside out with nutrients and antioxidants that can neutralize damaging free radicals. They offer the best of both worlds: short term thickening of existing hair and long term healing of scalp and hair follicles so that hair can start to regrow.

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