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Virgin Coconut Oil: What Makers of Anti-Aging Products Hope You Don't Know

Virgin Coconut Oil: What Makers of Anti-Aging Products Hope You Don't Know

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Skin is the one organ you wear outside your body, and it can take a real beating. Skin can be damaged both from what you ingest and from what it is exposed to in the outer world. Damage from dehydration, sun damage, environmental toxins, chemicals and other impurities in your food, medications, make up and lotions all take their toll.

Many manufacturers would have you believe that achieving great skin is an expensive endeavor, and one that has to come from a laboratory or surgeon's office. But nothing could be further from the truth. The most beautiful skin is natural skin, skin that is allowed to soak up the very nutrients and substances it craves to thrive and glow.

Natural Process, Natural Solution

Beyond the damage inflicted on skin, aging itself is a natural process. Wrinkles develop over time as the skin loses its elasticity. But the skin is also like a sponge, soaking up moisture, nutrients and essential oils that increase elasticity and plump up the dermal cells for a far younger look and feel.

Virgin coconut oil can play a significant role in the anti-aging process. Naturally.

It contains anti fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that motivate healing in the skin, and it's packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that literally help protect the skin from the ravages of aging, including free radicals.

Virgin coconut oil is nature's favorite moisturizer and emollient. A small dab rubbed into the skin each day can prevent drying, soften the skin and minimize fine lines. It can exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal newer, younger skin underneath, and strengthen elasticity with its nutrients.

Virgin coconut oil
Beautiful skin should come naturally.

Beauty for Less

One of the best things about virgin coconut oil is how inexpensive it is compared to the convoluted and unnatural anti-aging formulas of big business. Read the ingredients on any cosmetic label and you will find a lot of water, filler and chemicals. Water is great, but you don't need to pay a premium to put it on your skin. The other ingredients? Often a bit scary. Do you really want to pay for chemicals, when nature offers up the perfect solution for so much less money?

Inside and Out

Another great thing about virgin coconut oil is that you can apply it inside and out. In addition to using it as a daily moisturizer directly on your face and body, you can take virgin coconut oil along with your daily vitamin, by the teaspoon, and it won't be long before you start to notice how soft, smooth and silky your skin feels from head to toe. A combination of both methods is ideal for maximum anti-aging results.

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