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Virgin Coconut Oil Lets You Go Green & Save Money

Virgin Coconut Oil Lets You Go Green & Save Money

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Every day, people rub a wide variety of expensive, chemical substances into their skin, lather them into their hair, brush them into their teeth and gums, spray them onto countertops and pour them into washing machines.

Skin is a living organ, and although it helps to protect your organs and blood vessels, it also acts like a sponge, absorbing substances from the environment.

In Your Cabinet, in Your Body

The average collection of household toiletries and cleaners that people use contains up to 150 different chemicals.

While the manufacturers, FDA and EPA assure everyone these are safe, they are only considering each individual item, without taking into account the cumulative load that people are exposing themselves to across products and uses.

There was a time when health authorities told the public there was no evidence that smoking cigarettes was harmful to human health. In the same way, no one yet knows what the health and environmental consequences of long-term exposure to miniscule amounts of these chemical toxins might be.

Toxins & Mystery Substances

Some substances, though, are already known to be harmful - phthalates, for example, which are hormone disruptors often found in artificial fragrances, have been associated with infertility, sperm damage, birth defects and feminization of infant boys.

Many of the ingredients in substances Americans use every day have never been tested, and even when they have, it has usually been short term. Most manufacturers want to keep their customers safe, but there is still a big unknown.

In Europe, 1,110 ingredients have been banned from use in cosmetic preparations as a precaution. The United States, however, always takes the innocent-until-proven-guilty stance, allowing substances to be used for years and decades, until a cancer, autoimmune or other connection is found. Only 10 ingredients are banned in the United States.

Virgin coconut oil
Virgin coconut oil has hundreds of uses. It's all natural and healthy.

Promises, Promises

Advertisers promise such miraculous levels of reversed aging, skin softness, stubborn stain removal and sparkling cleanliness, that many people succumb to the temptations.

The truth is, a few simple ingredients are all you need for all household and personal needs. You can have a fresh, clean and detoxed home, beautiful skin and hair with nothing more than white vinegar, baking soda, noni extract, tea tree oil and virgin coconut oil in your cabinet.

These natural substances can keep you healthier while protecting the environment and your pocket book.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Looking at virgin coconut oil, it's amazing how many expensive, chemical-ridden products this one simple item can replace:

Virgin coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer, eye cream, pre- and after-shave, hair conditioner, make-up remover, chap stick, stretch-mark cream, sunscreen, healing and diaper salve.

It combats numerous skin conditions and is popular as a lubricant and massage oil.

Virgin coconut oil aids digestion and weight loss, stabilizes blood sugar and fights migraines. It is one of the most stable cooking oils available.

It's a great furniture polish and leather conditioner, and adds a powerful punch to natural cleaners for dishes, clothes and the entire household.

Go green, save a little money and be good to yourself: Visit Biconi today for the highest quality virgin coconut oil.

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