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Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Black Hair

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits for Black Hair

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Black hair is usually more difficult than other types of hair to take care of. Black hair can be very coarse or very fine. It can be curly or straight. Its unique characteristics make black hair the perfect type of hair to take advantage of the benefits offered by using coconut oil.

The Coconut Oil Difference

Coconut oil is different than other types of oils and moisturizers used in many beauty products offered today. The mineral oils and silicones used in most hair conditioners sit on top of hair, unable to penetrate into the hair to heal damage and moisturize from the inside.

Molecules of coconut oil, unlike other oils, have the right size and shape to penetrate into the hair and put its vitamins and antioxidants to work repairing damage. It is also an excellent moisturizer.

Give it Time

The best way to use pure coconut oil for hair is to apply before bedtime and soak overnight for up to 14 hours, washing out in the morning. Although coconut oil is effective at penetrating hair, it works slowly for maximum effectiveness. With repeated use, hair will be softer and more manageable, as well as less prone to split ends and breakage.

Another way to use coconut oil if your hair has only moderate damage is to apply a small amount to hair after shampooing, especially at the ends of hair. This application helps prevent split ends and can be done even if you can't soak your hair all night.

Virgin coconut oil

Nourish Hair Every Day

Soaking hair in coconut oil for many hours may not be feasible on a daily basis, or you may want a shampoo that also contains coconut oil to supplement the conditioning effects of coconut oil. Biconi offers Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo, which contains coconut oil, noni extract and other natural ingredients that will feed and heal hair with every washing.

Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo is free of harsh chemicals such as parabens and phthalates, so you won't damage your hair at the same time you are working so hard to heal it. This shampoo also stimulates new hair growth to replace breakage and loss. It also contains glycerin.

Attracting Moisture to Hair

Glycerin is an emollient; in other words, it draws moisture from the air around it and seals it into hair. Combined with coconut oil, glycerin intensifies the moisturizing and healing effect on hair. The glycerin and coconut oil in Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo help prevent one of the biggest problems of black hair, that of split ends and breakage.

Moisture can also give hair a silky, glossy look, rather than the frizzy look that dry hair often has. Most shampoos are drying and contribute to frizziness rather than giving hair the needed moisture.

Black hair may be challenging, but with proper care, the glossy, shiny hair you have always wanted can be yours. By avoiding harsh chemicals and using natural products like coconut oil and glycerin (which comes from vegetables), your hair can look healthier than ever before.


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