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Virgin Coconut Oil and the Great Pedicure

Virgin Coconut Oil and the Great Pedicure

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An at-home pedicure can be the perfect way to pamper yourself after a hard day on your feet. For a fraction of the cost at the salon, you can have soft, pretty feet to show off when sandal season comes around. Doing your own pedicure at home also makes it possible to create a relaxing atmosphere that may not be attainable at a busy nail salon full of customers.

Using natural products will give your feet long-lasting moisture and softness due to the vitamins and antioxidants these products contain. For your natural at-home pedicure, you will need the following:

  • nail polish and remover
  • virgin coconut oil
  • epsom salt or sea salt, or both
  • a few drops of your favorite essential oil, such as mint, lavender or eucalyptus
  • foot file or pumice stone, optional
  • toenail clippers
  • nail file
  • tub or bucket for soaking feet
  • towel
  • soft music, candles, or other props to create a relaxing atmosphere


First, fill the tub or bucket with enough warm water to cover your feet, at least a gallon. Add any of the following: ½ cup epsom salt and/or a few drops of essential oil, or both. Epsom salt contains many nutrients and will help to soften your feet.

Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, moving feet around and through the water for maximum effect. While your feet are soaking, you may want to play soft music and focus on how the water feels on your feet, letting the music and the water relax you. Close your eyes and breathe. This is time just for you.

Virgin coconut oil


Next, you will scrub your feet with a mixture of melted coconut oil and sea salt, about ½ cup of each. Both coconut oil and sea salt contain vitamins and minerals that will nourish your feet while sloughing off dead skin and revealing the softer skin beneath. Epsom salt or sugar can be used in place of sea salt if desired. If you have calluses, rub them with a foot file or pumice stone to smooth, if desired. Rinse both feet with clean water (no soap).


The next step is to rub virgin coconut oil on your feet. The oil will slip into pores to add moisture. It will also coat your nails, so rub the oil off with a dry paper towel so nail polish can stick.


Clip nails straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Gently file, but avoid too much shaping.

Apply 2 coats of polish, allowing at least 20 minutes for the second coat to dry. A base coat applied first will prevent nails from yellowing, if desired. While nails are drying, take more time to relax, listen to the music and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Other than the nail polish and remover, all of the products used in this pedicure are natural and free of chemicals. Biconi's 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is perfect for use in natural pedicures. In fact, virgin coconut oil can be used on a daily basis between pedicures to keep feet soft and exfoliated.

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