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Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Moms To Be & Baby Massages

Use Virgin Coconut Oil For Moms To Be & Baby Massages

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Coconut oil has become the go-to natural product for moisturizing skin and keeping it healthy. It's free from chemicals and anything that could harm you. It works great for everything from moisturizing skin to preventing infections, breakouts and other skin problems. It is plant-based so that those abstaining from animal products can use it. The blogosphere has chronicled hundreds of different ways to use it for everything from MYO toothpaste to a delicious way to cook meat and vegetables.

The benefits of virgin coconut oil for your skin are plentiful for anyone, but when it comes to expecting moms and their babies, there are special benefits to consider. Moms-to-be have special skin issues that occur during pregnancy and others may become apparent after the baby is born. In addition, the skin of infants is fragile and can have different kinds of problems.

Pregnancy's Effect on Skin

As the tummy stretches to allow baby to grow, the skin stretches well beyond its usual elasticity. Often, stretch marks are the result - the long term reminders of that temporarily over-stretched skin. But stretch marks don't have to be inevitable for expecting moms. Treating the skin with virgin coconut oil several times each day adds elasticity to skin, making stretch marks less likely. When they do still occur, stretch marks are likely to be less noticeable and may fade more quickly.

A rising practice for pregnant moms is to receive massages using coconut oil. Not only does the coconut oil help with skin elasticity, but the massage improves skin circulation, which helps prevent stretch marks and has a host of other benefits for moms-to-be, including relief of pregnancy muscle aches and relief of emotional stress.

Pregnancy hormones can also affect the skin, causing excema, breakouts and dark spots that could linger on beyond the end of the pregnancy. Coconut oil helps with excema and breakouts by helping skin mature uniformly rather than at different rates. Another effect of this oil is to slowly fade dark spots with regular use, restoring skin to its pre-pregnancy state.


Baby Massage Helps Baby Adjust

Coconut oil is also safe and beneficial for babies once they are born. Newborn skin is thin and sensitive, and coconut oil helps it get needed moisture as well as reduce redness and blotchiness.

Massaging baby with coconut oil can provide great benefits to his skin and help with circulation. There is some evidence that baby massage can also help with newborn problems like colic and constipation as well as boosting the baby's immune system. As babies adjust to life outside the protection of the womb, massage can be a technique that helps achieve physical and emotional well-being.

Biconi offers both Baby Massage Oil and 100% Virgin Coconut Oil for use by moms-to-be and babies. Both of these products contain virgin coconut oil and are completely natural. Both can be used for mom and baby massages as well as to heal and restore healthy skin for both moms-to-be and, later, their babies.

The benefits of coconut oil for both prenatal and infant massages are numerous. A massage with coconut oil is an effective practice that can be enjoyed regularly to de-stress and improve overall health.


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