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Try a Virgin Coconut Oil Massage: 14 Steps to the Perfect Massage

Try a Virgin Coconut Oil Massage: 14 Steps to the Perfect Massage

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Many massage therapists use virgin coconut oil to help their hands glide gently across your skin as it works itself into both skin and muscles. Virgin coconut oil is an excellent choice because of its many healing and moisturizing properties.

Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits

Because it's so light virgin coconut oil absorbs very quickly. Its medium chain fatty acids penetrate skin to moisturize skin and condition underlying muscle.

The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties help keep skin healthy and boost immunity of the entire body. The lauric acid found within is a potent germ killer. If the skin has any sensitive areas or open sores, be sure to rub a little extra virgin coconut oil into those areas during the massage.

Coconut oil can help ward off the pathogens that cause a wide variety of ailments and infections, from candidiasis to influenza.

Get Ready

1. First, create the right environment for your massage. A comfortable, quiet room with low light is ideal. Put on some relaxing music, and make sure you won't have to change it during the massage (creating a massage track is a great idea).

2. Next, gather all materials, including the virgin coconut oil, towels, wipes, water to drink, and any other oils you plan to mix in.

3. Prepare the virgin coconut oil mix. Some people like to use coconut oil on its own. You can try mixing with olive oil for a thicker massage mixture, or with scented essential oils such as lavender or jasper for ultimate serenity.

4. If possible have the massage recipient take a warm bath before the massage. Have him or her lie on a hard surface, stomach down, so you can massage as firmly and vigorously as you need to. Make sure there is adequate support. A yoga mat on the floor is one great spot. Make sure the person has ample room and a small pillow.

5. Pour a generous amount of virgin coconut oil onto your hands and rub them together to warm the oil up.

Time for the Massage

6. Gently work the shoulders, up and down, back and forth, kneading out stress. Move on to the neck muscles, attending to both the back and the sides. Work the fingers in one direction through the whole process, then the other. Make circular motions as you relax those muscles.

7. Next, give all your attention to the arms and hands. Rub every inch ever so slowly but firmly, including the fingers. If you are doing a full body massage you should begin with the back of the arms as the person is on their stomach, then move to the front later.

Virgin coconut oil
Rub your hands together to warm the oil between them.

8. The back is the focal point of massages. Pour a generous amount of oil onto your hand, rub together to warm the oil and place your hands flat on the person's upper back. Caress firmly, up and down, using circular motions. Ask the person you are massaging how much pressure to apply; the back can benefit tremendously from the most vigorous amount of pressure.

9. After you've fully attended to the middle back, focus on the rest of the back, using similar pressure and motions. Make good use of your thumbs to press down into every area, relieving tension.

10. Next, rub down the legs and hips, then come back up to knead them more intensely and more slowly. Put pressure on the thighs and calves, going over each one slowly, methodically. Don't be afraid to press hard, it feels great!

11. Move down to the feet and pull on the toes, gently stretching each one, one at a time. Be sure to manipulate your fingers along each bone of the foot, and then press your thumbs into the arch and move them in each direction.

12. If you are only doing the back and limbs, you should still consider finishing by gently massaging the temples, upper cheek bones and forehead: It's a major stress reliever.

13. If you are doing a full body massage, move to the chest next, using thumbs in a circular motion. Rub the stomach very softly, moving clockwise. The front area needs a bit more TLC than the back did.

Finish Up

14. When you're done giving the massage, tell the person to leave the virgin coconut oil on for at least an hour, this helps promote supple skin and toning. Be sure to have them wipe off any real excess though. Have them sit up slowly and drink a glass of water before going on to the next activity.

Next up: It's your turn! Hopefully the person will be so delighted with the massage, the favor will be returned!

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