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Tropical Beauty Secrets: Noni and Beyond

Tropical Beauty Secrets: Noni and Beyond

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The islands of Hawaii are known for their beautiful women with long, smooth hair and clear, tanned skin. Furthermore, the beauty of Hawaiian women does not traditionally come from makeup or commercial skin care products, but instead is associated with nature. Hawaiians use a variety of natural products that come from their nearby tropical environment to keep their skin and hair looking so beautiful.

Although you may not live in Hawaii, you can still use some of their tropical beauty secrets to keep your skin and hair looking naturally beautiful, as well as infusing more health into your body because of the healthy properties of these natural beauty products.

Tropical Fruit Enzymes

Mashing fruits like pineapples, papayas, mangoes, passionfruit and guava as a body and using them as a face mask is a common practice in Hawaii. The vitamins and enzymes in these fruits exfoliate dead skin cells, and brighten and soften skin. They remove oil from the skin and gently soften it. Just be careful of citrus fruits like lemon (not a tropical fruit), which cause extreme sun sensitivity and can lead to severe sunburn when applied directly.

Hawaiian Sea Salt

Besides being used for cooking, sea salt is also used in bath soaks and body scrubs. Sea salt contains beneficial minerals that can nourish the skin and act as an exfoliant when used in body scrubs. Sea salt scrubs are especially good for oily skin since the salt acts as a drying agent to remove oils that can clog pores.

Hawaiian Sugarcane

Sugarcane is also used in exfoliating body scrubs, which are great for dry skin that needs moisturizing. Lips can also be exfoliated with sugarcane scrubs, which are popularly used in hotel spa treatments on the islands.

Aloe Vera

A plant that grows in tropical climates, aloe vera has been used for centuries as a cream or lotion, to disinfect and relieve the itch and sting of bug bites and cuts, and to treat acne and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Many users also put it on sunburn to soothe and heal the skin faster.

Kona Coffee

Using Kona coffee as a skin treatment can firm and smooth skin as well as reduce puffiness. Its antioxidants can prevent and reverse skin damage as well as protecting skin against environmental damage. Some natives add Kona coffee to their body scrubs, lotions or even their soaps so that skin can benefit.

Noni Noni is one natural fruit Hawaiian women use.

Volcanic Ash Clay

Although it can be tricky to use volcanic ash directly on skin, it is said to contain high levels of minerals and sulfur that can purify and detoxify the skin. Products formulated with volcanic ash clay have been tested and are safe to use, so they may be a better way to go than using pure ash.


A tropical fruit that was brought to Hawaii from Southeast Asia in the 1700s, noni is widely used in Hawaii to boost the immune system and treat any kind of skin or hair problems, such as acne or itchy scalp.

Biconi's skin and hair care products contain both noni and coconut oil, another tropical treatment for skin and hair. They are free from the harmful chemicals found in many beauty products and provide natural cleansing.

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