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Top 7 Beauty Tips From Around the World

Top 7 Beauty Tips From Around the World

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In spots all over the globe, women have discovered beauty treatments that they rely on and make part of their beauty routines. With this collection of beauty ideas from around the world, you can learn some of their secrets and use them for yourself.

1) Mud from Israel's Dead Sea is rich in minerals that can benefit the skin. Women use the mud as a cleansing mask all over their bodies and faces. Dead Sea mud has been turned into several products from companies like Ahava and can now be purchased around the world and used at home to draw out impurities and give the whole body a tightened, poreless look.

2) Grapeseed extract from France is like drinking lots of wine, without the hangover. Ingesting a small amount of grapeseed extract daily can reduce skin inflammation and protect skin against aging because the extract has an extraordinarily high level of antioxidants. It has even been shown to help prevent skin cancer.

3) Shea butter from West Africa keeps skin hydrated and helps prevent wrinkles with regular use. In addition, this soothing substance can also treat acne, itching, sunburns, minor wounds, insect bites, and even eczema. In especially dry climates, women sometimes use shea butter as a leave-in hair conditioner (in small amounts) and as a hair mask to give it quick hydration.

4) Rice water from China is said to offer anti-aging benefits to the skin because of the antioxidants in the rice. Anyone can get these benefits at home by simply soaking rice in water for 20 minutes, then patting the rice water on your face and letting it remain for 10 minutes. Chinese women use rice water to give their skin a healthy glow and remove dirt and impurities.

5) Ukranian women have discovered the benefits of honey massages for the skin all over their bodies. While it might seem sticky and uncomfortable, honey massages actually stimulate the circulation and reflexes to help the body get rid of toxins. Honey can be used alone or mixed with oils like almond oil and rose oil to allow for the usual gliding motion of a massage.

6) Women in Great Britain and the UK have discovered micellar waters as a gentle and effective way to cleanse their skin without alcohol or soap. Tiny micelle particles clean the skin and remove dirt and impurities without the drying effect that soap can sometimes cause.

Beauty tips Noni is a versatile and potent beauty aid for skin.

7) Noni from Malaysia and Southeast Asia is a powerful healing plant that can reduce skin redness, blemishes and rashes, including eczema while improving circulation. Juice from the noni fruit contains selenium which can help skin maintain its elasticity, which will make it look younger. Noni contains high levels of antioxidants and is also antifungal and antimicrobial to naturally keep skin clean and refreshed.

Biconi's Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser contains noni extract from Malaysia to keep skin healthy and heal red, blemished or rashy skin. It is made from all natural products and contains no harsh chemicals that could damage skin.

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