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Top 5 Post Natal Changes No One Ever Told You About

Top 5 Post Natal Changes No One Ever Told You About

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Being pregnant beings many changes to a woman's body. Once the baby is born, it is assumed that your body will go back to the way it was before. It may take some time and effort, you think, but the weight will be lost, the muscle tone will return, and your old clothes will once again fit like they used to.

In reality, some of the changes of pregnancy are long-lasting and may never entirely go away with or without treatment. As new moms adjust to life after baby, they may be tempted to just deal with the new realities of postnatal life. With a little self-care, however, at least some of the most distressing conditions can be improved considerably.

Here are the top 5 postnatal changes women unexpectedly face, and some suggestions on how to handle them.

1) Diastasis Recti

This is the medical term for a separation of the muscles of the abdominal wall that can give women a permanent belly pooch. It affects at least 25% of postnatal women. While typical exercise will not repair the separation, some believe that wrapping or splinting the tummy and doing certain exercises to strengthen core body muscles can lead to improvement and healing of diastasis recti for most women.

2) Post-partum Hair Loss

About 3 to 6 months after baby is born, many women begin to lose more than the normal amount of hair, some to the point where it becomes noticeably thinner. This problem is a direct result of hormone shifts that take place after birth and usually resolves itself within about 6 months. Meanwhile, using hair products containing coconut oil (or just coconut oil itself) can help hair to appear thicker and fuller as well as encouraging hair to regrow by improving scalp conditions.

Biconi offers Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner, natural, chemical-free products that contain a blend of virgin coconut oil and plant extracts that will heal damage and promote regrowth of hair while giving hair a thicker, fuller appearance. Biconi also offers 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for those who want a simpler approach.

3) Increased Foot Size

Many women find that their feet are ¼ to 1 size larger after giving birth. This change can be caused by weight gain or by a slight spreading out of the bones during pregnancy. Unfortunately, having larger feet is something that may not be reversible. After losing the pregnancy weight, if feet are still bigger than before, the only recourse women have is to go shoe shopping. Well, maybe that's not so bad!

Post natal changes

4) Digestive Changes

Pregnancy brings with it all kinds of new eating habits and cravings, some of which are actually telling your body that you need more of a certain nutrient. After baby is born, though, some women find that their entire digestive system works differently. This can happen because of extra weight that pushes on the tummy and causes bloating and gas, or because your eating habits have changed. Following a healthy diet high in fiber can help things get back to normal no matter what the cause.

5) Low energy/depression

Taking care of a baby is a 24 hour a day job that takes more energy than most women expect. Add hormone changes to the exhaustion of 2-4 hour sleep cycles, and it's not difficult to see why many new moms struggle with depression and low energy. You should tell your doctor about any feelings of depression you experience because treatment is available. As you adjust to your new responsibilities and baby learns to sleep for longer periods, your energy will rebound, too.

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