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Tips for Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Beauty Routine

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So you've decided to go green with your beauty routine, but you're wondering where to begin. Here are some tips for making the switch to a healthier way of taking care of your skin and hair.

Decide on Your Goals

The first step to cleaning up your beauty routine is to figure out what exactly you want to accomplish by going green. Maybe you want to cut down on toxins and chemicals that may be deposited on your skin or hair. If you suffer from a chronic illness or even just symptoms like fatigue or eczema, a green beauty routine could help control the symptoms. You might also be seeking to simplify your beauty routine and use fewer products that work better.

It could be one of your goals to reduce your carbon footprint and use natural products that will not contribute to further environmental pollution. Knowing your goals will help you make better choices from among the growing number of natural products becoming available on the market.

Start Reading Labels

Once you know what you hope to accomplish with a green beauty routine, you should start reading the labels of both the products you use and the more natural ones to which you may want to switch. Your first red flag: Words you can't pronounce.

Doing a little research will help you start to learn what the unpronounceable words mean, but trust us: They are mostly bad chemicals that you want to stay away from. If you stick to words you understand and recognize, you will be much better off.

Beauty routine Noni is one plant extract that is used in natural products.

Make it Yourself

An option for your green beauty routine is learning to make your own beauty products. Virgin coconut oil can be the base for numerous products from skin softeners to deep conditioning treatment for hair and even all-natural lip balm and deodorant. When you make your own beauty products, you will know precisely what is in them, and they will be free of chemicals that could be harmful.

Get Attuned to Your Body

After using green products for a while, you may notice that you feel better, have more energy, and that your hair and skin have a healthy glow. Being attuned to your body can help you recognize when you are being exposed to harmful and toxic chemicals, whether in the foods you eat or elsewhere in your environment. Chemicals are in many different places, and you may not always recognize where they hide, but you can be sure that, after not being exposed to them on a regular basis, your body will be more sensitive to them when you are exposed.

Biconi offers health and beauty products that are free of chemicals and contain beneficial, natural ingredients such as noni, a plant-based extract that has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing properties. Not only will Biconi products improve the condition of your skin and hair, they may also improve your overall health. Shop women's products to find noni and other green beauty products for your new routine.

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