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Thought Leader Series: Why Organic Hair Care Is Actually Cheaper!

Thought Leader Series: Why Organic Hair Care Is Actually Cheaper!

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Organic haircare Travis Pizel is a personal finance blogger who writes at Enemy of Debt where he shares his family's financial experiences, struggles and successes. As a father and husband, he provides a unique perspective on balancing debt, finances, and family.

When many people hear the word organic, the typical first thought that comes to mind is that of cost. Organic products have a reputation of being more expensive. Hair care products are no exception, and in most cases it is true that organic products typically do carry a higher cost. However, as with most products consumers get what they pay for. Organic hair care products may cost more, but because they are made from all natural ingredients they may actually have the effect of saving the consumer in the long run.

Here are five ways that the all natural make up of organic hair care products may save customers money over time:

Skip the Hair Coloring

For many adults, gray hair is thought of part of maturing process. The synthetic chemicals in most drugstore hair care products may actually contribute to premature graying. By using organic shampoos, consumers could delay graying and save money on hair coloring treatments.

No Need For Extra Products

The hair care industry tells customers they need a wide array of products to care for their hair. Many organic products can serve multiple purposes, reducing the products needed and saving consumers money:

    • Scalp Moisturizers: Many organic shampoos contain aloe vera and coconut oil. These all natural ingredients will naturally moisturize the scalp eliminating the need for a separate scalp moisturizer in most cases.
    • Hair Moisturizers : If a person is looking for extra shine and moisture, look for an organic hair care product that contains shea butter. It will give hair that healthy shine naturally!

Hair Loss Treatment

A full head of luxurious hair is a symbol of youth and vitality. Unlike their conventional counterparts, organic shampoos do not contain chemicals that have been linked to scalp irritation and hair loss. Comprised of all natural products, organic shampoos will work to keep your scalp healthy and your hair on your head.

Reduced Medical Costs

Nearly all conventional shampoos contain a compound called Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). It's what creates that lathering action that most people associate with the product cleaning their hair. Unfortunately, this compound has been linked to cataracts. By switching to an all natural organic shampoo, consumers could avoid expensive cataract sugary later.

Pain Relievers

Conventional hair care products contain artificial fragrances that are used to make the product smell good, but also to cover up the smell of other chemicals. The mixing of these fragrances can give some people a headache and have them reaching for pain medication. Users of organic hair care products will find they smell like their all natural ingredients, allowing them to leave the pain medication in the medicine cabinet.

The higher sticker price cost of organic hair care products is worth it because they have far reaching health benefits. Customers should think of it as not only safer for the environment, but safer for their own bodies and thus an investment in their long term health that could save a substantial amount of money later.

If you want to take care of your hair naturally and save money in the long run, check out our organic hair care products now!

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