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Things You Didn't Know About Using a Solid Shampoo

Things You Didn't Know About Using a Solid Shampoo

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Many people think that the secret to a great shampoo is a robust lather. Squeezing traditional shampoo into the hand and working it through the hair is such a ritual for most people that the thought of washing hair differently is almost an alien thought.

But that's because those people aren't familiar with solid shampoo.

Why Solid Shampoo?

Using a solid shampoo doesn't mean you have to change your hair-washing regimen. To use it, all one has to do is work it into a lather between the hands and massage onto the scalp and hair.

As with most traditional shampoos, solid shampoo works best by leaving it on the hair and scalp for at least two minutes. Then rinse and follow up with a conditioner.

Biconi Products make a noni shampoo that comes in a solid bar. The noni enzyme in the shampoo is full of anti-oxidants, and it's antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal. It's great for clearing up dandruff and other scalp conditions.

The enzyme actually helps strengthen the scalp and hair follicles. This results in new hair growth and healthier hair.

What's In It?

The active ingredients in Biconi's solid shampoo include the noni enzyme, coconut oil, and glycerin. The coconut oil helps slow hair loss, prevent split ends, and repair breakage. It also moisturizes the scalp and hair.

The glycerin locks in moisture and helps to eliminate dry and frizzy hair.

Virgin coconut oil and glycerin along with the noni enzyme in the solid shampoo makes it one of the best kinds of shampoo one can use.

Solid Shampoo that's Immune Boosting

Many commercial shampoos are actually detergents that strip the hair of essential oils. Solid shampoo made with natural ingredients actually infuses the hair with immune boosting properties. Using a solid shampoo is like giving your hair a daily dose of vitamins.

Think about it this way: You take care of your body, so why not take care of your hair? Give it the same treatment that you'd give to your body both inside and out.

Lather it Up

Don't worry about switching to solid shampoo and losing the lather you love. Solid shampoo still creates a nice lather that users love. While the lather isn't necessary for cleaning hair, many people are so comfortable with a nice lathering shampoo that Biconi makes sure that it fits those needs.

Solid Shampoo

Made to Last

Unlike traditional shampoo, solid shampoo lasts up to five times longer than liquids. If you keep the bar out of water (which makes it dissolve) then you will find yourself with abundant shampoo for a good long time.

This means it is friendly to your wallet and to the environment as you won't be using as many plastic bottles in your household since you won't be buying traditional shampoo.

Give it a Try

Once you start using solid shampoo and experience what it is like to have beautiful, healthy hair, then it will be difficult to ever stop using it.

Another benefit is that solid shampoos are good for the entire family from babies to grandparents.

So, if you want to try solid shampoo, just know that once you do, it's unlikely that you will ever look back.

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