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The 411 on Holiday Stress and Your Skin: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

The 411 on Holiday Stress and Your Skin: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

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While the holidays offer plenty to look forward to, they're not without their share of stress. Unfortunately, this can take a toll on your skin. Just at the time you want to look your best, you could end up dealing with more skin problems than at other times of the year.

Problem: Dry Skin

Exposure to blowing winds and indoor heating or cooling sources can leave skin dry, cracking and flaky.

Solution: Moisturizer

Before the holidays even begin, be sure to moisturize skin well with a natural skin cream or virgin coconut oil so that seasonal effects are lessened. Vitamin C cream can also help skin stay moisturized and healthy.

Problem: Puffiness

Eating rich and sugary foods and drinking more alcohol than usual can leave your skin looking puffy and bloated in the morning, even if you got a good night's sleep (which is uncommon around the holidays anyway). Alcohol, in particular, dilates your blood vessels and causes fluids to enter your tissues.

Solution: Cold Compresses and More

The best way to get rid of puffiness fast is to use a cold pack on your eyes and face for 5 to 7 minutes. If you don't have a ready-made cold pack, you can use gel-filled infant teething rings or just ice cold water in a plastic bag. According to WebMD, you should switch out your emollient eye cream for a gel-based one, since emollient creams can hold water. And try sleeping with your head elevated slightly, which can also prevent fluid from pooling in your facial area.

Problem: Dark Circles

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can leave you with dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep or too much rushing around without rest.

Solution: Light-reflecting Serum

Several new under-eye primers hydrate the sensitive skin under the eyes while filling in wrinkles and brightening dark circles with light-reflecting pigments that brighten skin. Be sure to use a shade close to your natural skin color rather than a lighter shade that will accentuate the circles rather than conceal them.

Problem: Hives and Rashes

If you have food or environmental allergies, eating away from home and going to parties in strange environments may expose you to these allergens despite your best efforts to avoid them. Stress can exacerbate these reactions and make them more severe.

Virgin coconut oil Virgin coconut oil can help hydrate and even heal your skin during the holidays and all year round.

Solution: Virgin Coconut Oil

For severe allergies, steroid treatments may be needed to stop swelling and hives from spreading dangerously. For mild reactions, however, virgin coconut oil will soothe the itching and reduce redness within minutes.

Problem: Breakouts

Fatty and rich foods can cause the skin to secrete oil, which can block pores and cause breakouts.

Solution: Virgin Coconut Oil

Besides making good food choices, your best bet is to use a gentle natural cleanser once or twice a day and be sure to remove all your makeup each night. Virgin coconut oil is an excellent makeup remover, and can even remove excess oil from your skin because oil dissolves oil. Apply the oil to your skin in a thin layer, then remove with a dry cloth or soft paper towel. A bit of oil left on the skin can actually help heal and prevent breakouts.

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