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Struggling with Hair Loss? Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth!

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Hair loss is something no one wants to experience, whether male or female, young or old. A full head of thick, strong hair signifies youth and health, while thinning hair and hair loss are typically symptoms of age.

There is a substance that can help with the signs of hair loss and thinning hair, and it isn't found in the pharmacy or even in the shampoo aisle, at least not with any frequency. This substance is found in more and more kitchens, and it can make your hair stronger and thicker, and prevent further hair loss.

A Simple Solution to Hair Loss

Coconut oil is a natural product that has great benefits for keeping hair strong and healthy. It works to strengthen and condition hair in several different ways, with the end result being improved appearance and even conditions that could encourage regrowth of hair.

Lauric Acid, a fatty acid found in coconut oil, binds to the hair's protein to protect the root and strand of hair from breakage. Lauric acid has been found to be more effective than other oils in strengthening hair. Coconut oil also penetrates the hair to moisturize it, preventing breakage from brittleness and excessive heat. Since hair is already saturated with the coconut oil, environmental impurities are unable to be absorbed into the hair, protecting it from further damage.

In addition to protecting and conditioning hair, coconut oil adds nutrients in the form of antioxidants and vitamins E, K and iron to hair. These nutrients add softness and boost hair's growth. Massaging hair with coconut oil boosts the hair's ability to absorb nutrients and oxygen as well.

Protect Your Scalp From Harmful Infections

Coconut oil also contains properties that prevent infections by eliminating bacteria and fungi. Infections of the scalp are a major cause of hair loss, so preventing scalp infections is a great defense against losing any more hair.

Many experts advise using pure coconut oil alone on hair, soaking it for hours or overnight and then washing with a natural shampoo. This method may be effective, but it is also messy and time consuming. And who wants to go to bed with a shower cap on wet, greasy hair? That sounds uncomfortable.

A Product That Can Help

Biconi offers Hair Revitalizing Solid Shampoo to give all the benefits of coconut oil with none of the mess. Using virgin coconut oil and noni enzyme, the shampoo revives hair follicles and helps to reverse hair loss by stimulating new hair growth.

Hair Revitalizing Solid Shampoo is easier to use than coconut oil alone, eliminating long soaking periods and messy shower caps. Simply use in place of your normal shampoo, and your hair can get a dose of strengthening ingredients every time you wash it.

This product is also free from SLS, paraben, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, animal products and alcohol. It is healthy and good for your hair without any of the usual harmful chemicals or byproducts.

If you struggle with thinning hair or hair loss, try Biconi Hair Revitalizing Solid Shampoo and help your hair look healthier, stronger and thicker today.


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