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Strengthen and Hydrate Your Hair with Noni Enzyme & Coconut Oil

Strengthen and Hydrate Your Hair with Noni Enzyme & Coconut Oil

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As the years stretch on, you may wonder why your hair doesn't seem as thick as it once was. You may question why it is more dry and brittle than it used to be, why it breaks more easily and even falls out more than it ever did before. Maybe you think it's just part of getting older, but if it bothers you that the deteriorating state of your hair makes you look older or less attractive, there is something you can do about it.

The One-Two Punch

Sometimes, combining different products can produce a powerful effect that neither one could create alone. When it comes to thinning hair that is also dry and brittle, noni enzyme and coconut oil are far more effective together than either one by itself.

Noni enzyme has numerous positive effects on the body when ingested. Scientists are currently studying everything from its tumor-fighting properties to its effect on blood sugar, cholesterol levels and digestion. Noni has antioxidant properties that help it heal damage to hair follicles. Using noni enzyme either internally or externally can even stimulate new hair growth in some cases. With regular use, noni extract will strengthen and hydrate hair, improving its overall health and appearance.

These days, people are finding coconut oil useful for everything from a dietary supplement to a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Coconut oil has long been used as a hair conditioner to heal damage from styling, stress or other environmental factors. Studies in the Journal of Cosmetic Science have shown that coconut oil penetrates the hair fibers, reducing breakage and preventing damage.

What if the effects of noni and coconut oil were put together? Combining the regenerative properties of noni with the hydrating properties of coconut oil creates a dynamic product that can greatly improve the look and feel of your hair with repeated use. Biconi has done just that with its line of hair care products containing both noni and coconut oil.

A Revolutionary Hair Care Product

Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner contains both noni enzyme and virgin coconut oil to provide moisturizing for your hair while also working to prevent damage. Cocoa butter is also added to create soft, manageable hair. Many of the chemicals typically present in many shampoos and conditioners are not included in Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner, making this product even more beneficial for your hair and body. Biconi products are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, mineral oil and animal products, making them safe for even the most sensitive scalps.

Noni enzyme and coconut oil

No longer do you have to just deal with brittle, damaged hair. Noni enzyme and coconut oil can revolutionize the way you feel about your hair and give you new confidence. Instead of styling your hair in ways that camouflage its lackluster appearance, your new hydrated and strengthened hair will open up new styles as possibilities to consider. Men, say goodbye to the comb-over. Women, let your locks loose. With Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner, you can feel great about your hair once again.

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