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Should Men with Thinning Hair Worry about their Marriages?

Should Men with Thinning Hair Worry about their Marriages?

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For many men, thinning hair is one of the most distressing things about getting older. A full head of hair signals youth, while losing one's hair is perceived as a sign of losing that youth. Men spend millions of dollars each year on products to help their hair grow back, look thicker, or replace lost hair. From transplants and toupees to creams and gels, reversing or hiding their hair loss is important to a majority of men who suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. Hair loss affects 80% of men by age 70, so it is a very widespread condition.

Robert Bernstein, a hair restoration specialist, states that hair loss can make men feel a loss of control. Once the hairline recedes, attractive choices for hairstyling are reduced. And where many people would feel uncomfortable teasing others about their weight or a handicap, balding men seem to be fair game for jokes and poking fun. Men who suffer from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder or body image disorders may have a particularly hard time dealing with hair loss.

Thinning hair can even have an impact on the marriages of the men who suffer from it, but it isn't for the reasons that some might think. Women do have feelings about their husbands who are losing their hair. It is an issue that can cause difficulties in some relationships.

Although the cultural perception is that women don't find balding men attractive, women's feelings about their husbands with thinning hair do not necessarily have much to do with the hair issue itself. The psychology of men's hair loss is more complex than simply what's attractive.

Most women who express opinions about their husbands' thinning hair do not say that they find the loss of hair unattractive. What they do find unattractive or bothersome, however, is the lack of confidence and depression that losing one's hair can bring. In most cases, the mens' attitudes toward their hair loss are far more negative than their wives'. One wife, Kathi, said about her husband's hair loss, "Baldness does not matter to me whatsoever. As long as he is kind and well-groomed, a man's hair length does not matter."

Thinning hair

Knowing that most wives aren't bothered by their husbands' hair loss should help them put it into perspective. Finding an attractive way to style hair, making the most of what hair is left, or even shaving off the hair entirely can make this widespread condition easier to bear. Although some men may never be completely comfortable with less than a full head of hair, there are ways to overcome the challenges hair loss can bring into their lives and marital relationship.

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