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Post Natal Hair Loss: Celebs Have It, Too!

Post Natal Hair Loss: Celebs Have It, Too!

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Postpartum hair loss is an equal opportunity condition. Even celebrities like Selma Blair have suffered from hair loss following childbirth. All is not hopeless, though; there are things new moms can do to minimize the effect of postpartum hair loss and even reverse the effects more quickly.

Starting about 3 months after childbirth, some women lose significant amounts of hair for a few months due to hormonal changes during the pregnancy and afterward. For celebrity Selma Blair, that meant losing so much hair that it clogged the bathtub drain. [I'm] going to be bald!" she feared. And although it never gets to the point of baldness, it can leave new moms feeling insecure about their appearance at a time when body changes may already be causing discomfort and stress.

The hair loss is caused by a 2-step process that begins when the normal loss of a few dozen hairs each day slows during pregnancy. Hair may actually look thicker while a woman is pregnant because less hair is lost. After childbirth, however, estrogen levels drop back to normal levels, and hair loss can temporarily accelerate, making up for lost time.

There are some things new moms can do postpartum to slow down hair loss and minimize its impact. These tips can boost confidence and leave you looking better than ever once hormones return to normal levels.

Post natal hair loss

1) Don't stop breastfeeding until after 6 months, if possible.

Hair loss may be more pronounced when women stop breastfeeding between 3 and 6 months. Sure, there can be physical limitations that make breastfeeding difficult, but if you can do it, you should! Other benefits of breastfeeding for at least the first year include faster weight loss, less illness for baby, and a lower risk of breast cancer later in life.

2) Get a new hairstyle.

Your stylist will be able to offer suggestions on a cut that will make your hair look as thick as possible, as well as what styling products will add volume to your 'do. Coloring the hair will also give it body and can camoflage the effects.

3) Make smaller changes.

If you don't like the idea of radically changing your hair, just changing the part can help hide hair that is thinning at the temples. Another way to hide hair's thinness is to give it some texture, crunching or tousling it rather than wearing it sleek and straight, which makes it look thinner. Lastly, wear a headband, scarf or bandanna over the thin part of hair to help it appear fuller.

4) Try some coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil has been shown to thicken hair as well as healing the hair follicles so that they produce more hair. As with most natural therapies, the effects of coconut oil take a little time, but regular use can have your hair feeling thick and glossy again in just a few weeks.

Biconi offers several hair care products that contain virgin coconut oil to help hair appear thicker and even grow new hair. Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner both contain coconut oil along with other natural ingredients to get your hair looking great once again.

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