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What You Need to Know About Virgin Coconut Oil Products and Glycerin

What You Need to Know About Virgin Coconut Oil Products and Glycerin

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Glycerin is an organic compound. It is a colorless thick liquid that freezes to a gummy paste. Glycerin is used in many soap products as a healthier alternative to mineral oil or chemical softeners. Glycerin has a beneficial effect on skin and hair without any of the harsh effects other substances can have.

Many products on the market today claim to soften skin. As skin gets older, it gets drier, and without the addition of some sort of lotion, cream or oil, skin will no longer have the youthful softness to which we are accustomed. Some products use mineral oil as the softening agent, and some use glycerin. What is the difference, and which one is better?

Mineral Oil Risks

Mineral oil is actually a byproduct of petroleum. It is inexpensive to make or get and is in many of the lower-priced skin care products on the market. It is effective in softening skin, but studies have shown that it can cause tumors and even cancer if it is used heavily on skin over long periods of time.

In addition, mineral oil forms a seal over skin, not allowing air and nutrients to penetrate. Clogged pores and irritated skin can be the result. This is different from the protective layer that oils like virgin coconut oil form on skin, which still allows nutrients to enter but keeps out harmful substances, promoting a healthy balance for skin.

A Healthier Alternative for Skin

Glycerin does not have the same effect on skin as mineral oil. It will not seal skin and block pores, and it does not carry any risk of tumors or cancer. It works by drawing moisture into skin and holding it there, making it a very effective way to soften skin.


Virgin coconut oil
Beautiful skin and hair is possible at any age.

Products containing glycerin are far less likely to irritate skin than those containing mineral oil, making these products a better alternative for those with delicate or sensitive skin. For everyone, skin looks healthier and more natural with use of glycerin-containing products.

Help for Damaged Skin

Glycerin can be effective against common skin problems like psoriasis, a skin disease in which skin cells are shed before they become mature. Glycerin can allow cells to mature before they are shed, giving relief to sufferers of the disease. Glycerin also promotes wound healing in some cases.

Biconi skin and hair products use glycerin to offer natural and effective skin softening to those who want healthier skin. Biconi Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser combines virgin coconut oil with noni and other plant extracts to aid glycerin in protecting and healing skin that has been damaged by sun, age, or environment. Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser also avoids other harsh chemicals that are used in many skin care products, such as parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and of course, mineral oil.

Help for Dry Hair, Too

Over time, sun, processing, and neglect can make hair dry and brittle. Glycerin can help hair absorb moisture and lock it in. It can also help repair previous damage. Because of the way glycerin stimulates cells to mature and develop, it's possible that hair may begin to regrow with use of products containing glycerin.

Another product Biconi offers is its Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo. Similar to the facial cleanser, the shampoo uses glycerin, virgin coconut oil and noni enzyme, and avoids harsh chemicals.


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