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Hair Care Commandments For Ombre Hair

Hair Care Commandments For Ombre Hair

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Ombre hair is one of the hottest hair coloring trends today, and everyone wants to jump on board, if they haven't already.

Ombre hair is a multi-toned look that usually requires a bleaching and dyeing process, which can be damaging to hair. To counteract and even prevent that damage, taking care of hair both before and after the two-step process is essential. After all, what good are the beautiful tones if dryness and frizz are dulling the look?

Proper care of the hair before and after the process is essential!

Never fear, one of the absolute best things you can do for your ombre hair is also one of the healthiest and least expensive.

Coconut oil for hair

Yes, coconut oil for hair is better than any expensive chemical concoction on the market. (Very few hair products are chemical free and those that are, are often diluted.) With coconut oil, you get incredible shine for your buck.

Coconut oil quickly hydrates parched hair and mends those ombre-dye-fried ends. Its rich fatty acids and healthy proteins give hair texture, moisture and great shine.

Coconut oil penetrates easily and naturally. No complicated routines, shower or sleeping caps are necessary, and blow drying is optional. It smells nice and can be worn out and about.

Coconut oil for hair routine

1. Pour a half teaspoon of coconut oil into one hand and rub both palms together vigorously to warm it up.

2. Section by section, gently run hands through the hair, making sure not to use too much. A little coconut oil goes a long way in hair.

3. Be a little more generous on split ends. Only apply to scalp if dandruff, serious dry scalp or sunburn are present.

4. Brush through hair with a wide-toothed comb.


Ombre Hair


5. Throw it up in a ponytail, bun or braid and hang out for a while. The longer the coconut oil stays in, the better the results.

6. When ready, shampoo with a simple astringent shampoo, such as one with tea tree oil. Avoid ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. These ingredients will strip hair and reverse all the healing of the coconut oil.

7. In fact, any hair care formulas other than coconut oil should be designed specifically for dry bleached and color-treated hair. These will be gentler and less likely to reverse the benefits of coconut oil.

8. Make sure to use coconut oil at least once a week. Ombre hair needs regular attention and pampering.

9. If blow drying or styling irons are a must, consider making a homemade heat protecting spray as well, mixing pure coconut water and coconut oil in a spray mist bottle, and spraying hair before administering all that harsh heat.

10. Have fun and enjoy the beauty of ombre hair and the benefits of coconut oil.

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