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Expert Interview with Deborah Tan on Caring for Your Skin for Biconi

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For Deborah Tan, founder of Material World, beauty and style go beyond the superficial. It's more than wearing the hottest lip color or buying the latest designer bag.

"I think being beautiful and stylish means loving yourself so much, you won't let yourself go," Deborah says. "And this is what I'm passionate about - educating women to take good care of themselves and realizing they have the power to CHANGE and BECOME EVEN BETTER."

On Material World, Deborah and her colleagues offer women everything from beauty to self-improvement to relationship advice in order to help you live your life to the fullest. Here, she offers skincare advice:

Tell us about Material World...when and why did you start your site? 

I started Material World in April 2013 with three partners. We were all working in women's magazines at that time. I myself have been in magazines for a decade. There is definitely a shift in the way content is consumed these days, and fewer and fewer people are getting their information from print. I wanted a more immediate way to reach out to my readers, and therefore we started Material World. Material World also is a content agency where we take on assignments from both corporate and publishing clients.

Who should be reading it? 

The website's target audience is a woman in her late 20s or early 30s. If you're a woman who's interested in self-improvement, entrepreneurship, living life to the fullest, Material World is definitely for you.

What are some of the unexpected or intangible benefits of taking time each day to care of yourself - skin, hair, etc.? 

A lot of people think I'm younger than I really am. I've been lucky in that I don't get eyebags and dark shadows even when I work late.

What do you think a daily skincare routine should consist of? 

A good cleanser is a must. A lot of women think serums are a luxury, but they aren't. I think a daily skincare routine should contain at least two serums - one for day, one for night. A super-hydrating moisturizer that is oil-free is important, too. People think they can fix their skincare problems by applying lots and lots of products, but you can't get your skin to look better unless you learn to cleanse it well and keep it plump with lots and lots of moisture. And yes, you need SUNSCREEN for sure!

What do you look for in quality skincare products? What ingredients do you steer clear of? 

I try my best to use products that are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. I am also wary of products that contain mineral oil, as my skin does not react well with such products.

What are some tricks you use to make sure you look your best each day - what do you always make sure to put on and have on hand even when you have to rush out the door? 

After sunscreen, I mix my favorite liquid foundation with some moisturizer to create a sheer base coverage. This usually evens out my skin tone without covering any natural glow. I have to line my eyes with liquid eyeliners and fill in my brows no matter how rushed for time I may be.

What's your routine for taking care of your hair? 

Shampoo and conditioner. Once a week, I do a hair mask. I apply some hair serum/heat protectant before blow-drying my hair every morning.

What types of hair products do you make sure to always have on hand? What products do you avoid or use sparingly? 

Years of conditioning and using hair masks have helped give me very tame and controllable tresses. I have no complaints! I avoid coloring my hair.

What are your current favorite beauty and style trends?

When it comes to beauty, I really don't believe in trends. I believe it should be about the products that work best for you and the colors that complement you best. Sure, feel free to experiment with colors and textures, but I think we should not follow trends blindly.

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