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Caring for Sensitive Skin: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

Caring for Sensitive Skin: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

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Sensitive skin is easily irritated by the environment and by many things that it comes into contact with. If you find yourself getting lots of rashes or breaking out with blemishes easily, even as an adult, you probably have sensitive skin.

Taking care of sensitive skin is tricky because most of the products that other people can use without a problem will not work for your skin. Conventional wisdom says if you get a blemish, use benzoyl peroxide. For a rash, use hydrocortisone cream. Some of these products can be just as irritating as the rash or blemish itself and only end up making things worse because of the way the drugs involved react with sensitive skin.

Simple Is Best For Sensitive Skin

On the long list of skin irritants are chemicals, dyes, and perfumes. Staying away from these ingredients in your laundry detergent, shower products and skin care arsenal can keep your skin from constant itch and discomfort. But when it comes to your skin care routine, what are you supposed to use?

Actor Emma Stone found the answer to this question in a common household product many people have in their kitchens. Stone told Vogue, "I'm allergic to everything so I just use virgin olive oil on my skin because I know it won't cause a reaction. At night, I take off my makeup with coconut oil."

Virgin Coconut Oil For Natural Skin Care

Virgin coconut oil is gentle on even the most sensitive skin because of its lipid profile of medium chain fatty acids. It can be used to cleanse skin and remove even waterproof makeup. It is an excellent moisturizer alone or as part of a homemade lotion recipe. It can even treat skin problems like heat rash and acne, sometimes better than products made for those purposes.

You can even use coconut oil to shave with, rather than shaving cream.

Refined coconut oil will not work as well because of processing, so be sure to use virgin oil only. Refining the oil changes the shape of the fatty acids and doesn't allow the skin to absorb them in the same way.

Virgin coconut oil

But can you really use coconut in the shower rather than soap? It doesn't lather, but in fact, coconut oil works in much the same way as soap does, to dissolve dirt and other oils. Oil dissolves oil, which is why it can work in much the same way soap does, but without the drying effects of soap. For very oily skin, you can add a dryer oil like argan so that skin won't be too oily, but for most, plain coconut oil works fine.

Biconi's Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser contains virgin coconut oil to help balance skin and banish redness. It contains no harsh chemicals that can harm sensitive skin, just natural ingredients including nutrient rich plant extracts like noni. If plain coconut oil is more to your liking, Biconi also offers 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for all your skin care needs and recipes. All of Biconi's products are free of animal products and Biconi never tests its products on animals.

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