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Noni Shampoo: A Simple Solution for Thinning Hair

Noni Shampoo: A Simple Solution for Thinning Hair

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How important is hair? Many people view hair as a vital part of their identities, even their sexuality. How people feel about their own hair can have a major impact on self esteem. So when it starts to fall out and grow thin, people panic! 

The Usual Suspects

So what causes thinning hair?

Hot styling tools, including blow dryers, hair straighteners and hair curlers take quite a long-term toll on the body and bounce of hair. Use of these appliances can make hair dry and weakened. Similarly, dehydration and sun damage are also triggers to thinning hair.

Being very stressed out or ill, or being sleep deprived can all cause hair to fall out and get thinner. Crash dieting, or a poor diet, along with certain medications, drugs, or excess alcohol can also lead to thinning hair. 

Hormones can wreak havoc too. But a healthy diet, lifestyle habits and hair care can go a long way to offset that problem. 

Other Causes

Rough treatment can make hair thinner, but that's not all. Taking hot steamy showers every day, believe it or not, can dehydrate the hair shafts and make hair limp and thinner.

Another lesser-known culprit of thinning hair is brushing hair while wet. If it must be brushed wet, do so very gently, without ripping or tearing. 

To minimize the need for wet brushing, brush as thoroughly as possible even before taking a shower, and remember, there is no health reason that hair must be washed every day. Wash only as often as necessary for clean-looking shine.

At the same time, not washing hair often enough can also lead to problems. An excessive build up of sebum can sometimes result in clogged hair follicles, which can potentially slow down or stop hair growth. 

Tight hairstyles pull at the hair shaft, stretch the hairs, loosen them, and pull many of them out. To avoid thinning hair, consider letting loose more often!

Hair spray and gel are also hair thinners. Much like heat and physical vigor, these products weaken and loosen hair, making it thinner and more prone to breakage and loss.

Noni shampoo

Thinning hair? Noni Shampoo can help. 

Prevent the Thin, Promote the Thick

To keep hair from thinning, first take good care of it. 

Scalp massages are one way to keep circulation going and the hair shaft healthy. 

Avoid products with chemicals of any kind. The more natural, the better. Essential oils and natural carrier oils, along with plant extracts are the best ingredients for hair care products. 

Rich in protective properties and nutrients, Noni Shampoo is the perfect product to keep hair from thinning and to promote healthy volume. It is ultra-nourishing and provides incredible, sealed-in hydration. Anti-oxidants help protect against free-radical damage while emollient properties resist the damage caused by heat. 

Biconi products contain an especially high grade of noni, for maximum beauty benefits and extra healthy, thick hair.

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