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Noni: All-Natural Eczema Relief

Noni: All-Natural Eczema Relief

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Eczema is a term used to describe any itchy, red rash that isn't part of another medical condition. People tend to develop eczema when they are babies or children, more rarely, some people do develop eczema during adulthood. Most people who develop eczema have dry, sensitive skin, according to the National Eczema Association.

Eczema can be an embarrassing condition for sufferers, some of whom will wear long sleeved shirts and long pants even in hot weather so that their rashes won't be seen by others. Keeping eczema covered may just exacerbate the problem though, since being too hot and sweaty might make rashes even worse.

More than 10% of people suffer with eczema, and it seems to be on the increase over the last several years. Britain's National Health Service reported a nearly 40% increase in eczema cases between 2000 and 2009, but said it was unclear whether eczema cases were increasing or just being reported to doctors more often, or a little bit of both.

There are many available treatments for eczema, but few that are effective. The causes of eczema are not well known. Some think that it is a malfunction of the immune system, some think it's an allergic reaction to soaps and dyes, and others think that nutrient deficiencies are the problem. It may also be true that there are several causes for eczema instead of just one.

Noni is a Polynesian plant that has known skin healing properties and has been used for over 2000 years to treat a variety of ailments. Its unique characteristics make it beneficial for eczema and other skin problems. Noni is available as a cream to treat skin ailments or it may be ingested in juice form.

Noni is a powerful substance that can help with many common problems including relieving joint pain, lowering blood sugar, and even elevating mood. Noni is currently being studied for possible effectiveness in treating cancer by preventing the spread of cancer cells, and was shown to be as effective a painkiller as aspirin in some studies.

Because of its many antioxidants and vitamins, which heal cell damage and prevent it from occurring in the future, Noni is effective for skin. As noni is applied to skin affected by eczema, it penetrates the damaged skin and helps new, healthier skin to grow.


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One of the most bothersome things about eczema is that it causes inflammation of the skin tissues, causing them to feel itchy and sore. Noni contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe inflamed skin and reduce skin redness associated with eczema.

Both noni that is consumed as a juice and noni that is applied to the skin are thought to be effective for getting rid of eczema. Because of its analgesic properties, noni will also help the itching associated with eczema, which may promote further healing since sufferers will not further irritate and damage skin by scratching it.

Biconi's Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser contains noni to help skin look and feel healthier and prevent redness such as that associated with eczema.

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