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Miranda Kerr's Secret Weapon: What You Need to Know

Miranda Kerr's Secret Weapon: What You Need to Know

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What does Victoria Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr know that the rest of us may not? That Mother Nature knows best. Kerr confides that her secret weapons for glowing skin and luminous hair are found in using all natural products that contain pure, organic coconut oil and a precious little ingredient called noni, an extract derived from the tropical noni plant.

Natural health experts recommend coconut oil now for everything from cooking to moisturizing, so it is no surprise it made Kerr's short list of must-haves for beautiful skin and soft, manageable hair. But what is noni and why does a supermodel swear by it on a daily basis?

Pssst: Here is Noni's Little Secret

Noni can give skin that supermodel glow! It has been used as a natural medicine in the tropics for centuries, and as more and more consumers look to nature to nurture their bodies, it has proven to produce amazing results when used in everyday personal care products.

What exactly is it? Noni comes from the fruit of the Morinda citrifolia plant, which grows in the lush rainforest of Southeast Asia.

Numerous scientific studies have found this super fruit to contain a high level of antioxidants that assist in the removal of free radicals, repair skin and prevent inflammation. It can also stimulate the scalp and improve circulation, which provides hair follicles exactly what they need to produce stronger, thicker, healthier hair.

Everyone Can Get the Noni Glow

So what products will give the biggest beauty boost? Start with what you present to the world each day. Put your best face forward and give your locks some love.

  • Noni within a facial cleanser is pure radiance for the skin, going to work the first time you use it, lightening pigmentation and reducing inflammation for a youthful, glowing complexion.


Noni Finally, a cleanser that delivers better skin with each use.


According to, noni has some amazing anti-aging properties as well. Why? All those anti-oxidants naturally found within noni have proven to produce some powerful results. The key is found in the antioxidant vitamin C and other natural minerals found within the fruit that come together to nourish cellular tissues and reverse the signs of aging and everyday exposure to sun and pollution. Noni also contains another antioxidant known as selenium, which protects skin's elasticity. Combined, the result is firmer, glowing, evenly toned skin.


Noni Vitamin C leads the pack in antioxidants that produce luminous results.


When it comes to thick, shiny hair, noni may be the answer to that never ending search for a great all-natural shampoo, especially if you have suffered hair loss after having a baby or through hormonal changes, like with menopause. Hair loss can be devastating no matter what the cause; heredity, illness, or motherhood. What if your hair is just in need of a little TLC? Noni provides the vitamins and minerals needed to improve circulation and improve the health of your hair and scalp as well as encourage healthy hair growth.


Noni Wash away those bad hair days and love your hair again.


Not All Products Are Created Equal

As a model, Miranda Kerr has probably tried more beauty products than anyone might care to guess. She stands by her commitment in using natural, pure, organic products that exceed expectation and are safe for the body. Often, it is the 100% pure products that produce the greatest results.

How to choose the best product:

  • Don't skimp or accept impure noni substitutes: Look for 100% pure and natural Noni Enzyme, produced directly from the noni trees to ensure all the beneficial properties are maintained within a concentrated formula.
  • Seek only virgin coconut oil in your skin and hair care products. Regular coconut oil (or oil labeled as "refined") is extracted from dried coconuts in a process that involves heat, which strips some of its natural antioxidant properties, making it less effective.

Some of the best kept beauty secrets to the stars are natural ones, which have been around for centuries. Look for pure, natural noni products to tap into the best that Mother Nature has to offer and don't keep the source of your healthy glow a secret!

Barbara Leech is an author who writes on a variety of topics, including health and beauty news.

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