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Lip Service: 4 Tips for Softer Lips

Lip Service: 4 Tips for Softer Lips

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Ever wonder why our lips get chapped so easily, especially during the dry winter months and the hot months of summer? The skin that covers the lips is actually thinner than our other skin, and it's one of the few areas on our bodies without hair follicles and oil glands to protect it from damage. All this means that if we don't protect our lips, they will dry out and crack from exposure to the dry heat and strong winds.

Here are some tips that can keep your lips soft and luscious throughout the year.

1. Stay hydrated.

If you aren't drinking enough water, your lips will be one of the first places to feel it. Taking a minute to fill up a water bottle before you go to work, hit the gym or run errands can prevent your lips from being a casualty of your body's general dehydration. Staying hydrated has tons of other benefits for your skin and energy level as well.

And don't forget to run a humidifier inside your home, especially in the room where you sleep. As the heater runs at night, the air gets dryer and dryer, causing a host of problems including dry lips and mouth.

2. Don't lick.

When your lips are dry and irritated, it may seem like licking them will help add moisture. What actually happens, however, is that licking coats your lips with digestive enzymes (from your saliva) that can break down the protective barrier that naturally coats your lips. Although it may seem better than nothing when you don't have lip balm handy, it is actually worse than nothing since lips can become more damaged without their protective barrier.

3. Use sunscreen.

Your lips don't contain any melanin, which naturally protects skin from sun damage, so using a lip balm with sunscreen is important. The lips can develop sun spots and skin cancer in the same way as the rest of your skin, so they must be protected.

Lips soft Keeping lips covered overnight and making sure the air isn't too dry can prevent chapping.

4. Keep lips covered.

Women might put on lipstick to go to work or out on a date, but what about the rest of the time? And men, do you use anything at all on your lips? Using lip balm or, better yet, more natural ingredients, can keep your lips protected against damage. Using protective products at night is especially effective, since about 1/3 of your day is spent sleeping.

Commercially available lip balms often contain harmful fragrances and artificial flavors along with chemical ingredients like parabens, which are thought to be harmful for skin. Using virgin coconut oil or cocoa butter can add vitamins and antioxidants to the skin on your lips and help condition them naturally.

There is really no perfect oil for application on the lips. Cocoa and shea butter and beeswax tend to be too solid to apply to lips comfortably, and virgin coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, giving it a thin and runny texture when used on the lips alone. Combining the coconut oil with one of these other ingredients will bring balance and allow the lip gloss to spread while still protecting the lips from chapping.

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