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Introducing the World Noni Research Foundation

Introducing the World Noni Research Foundation

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Just how much potential does noni fruit have? There's an entire foundation dedicated to research and development related to the potential of this crop -- widely regarded as a "miracle" fruit. Noni has been used in India and Southeast Asia for thousands of years to treat and cure various illnesses and diseases suffered by the natives and is mentioned in ancient medicinal texts.

The World Noni Research Foundation was created in 2006 as a continuation of the Indian Noni Research Foundation established in 2001. Many scientists from India and other countries are undertaking research to definitively prove the positive effects noni has on the body. The WNRF provides funding for some of this scientific research.

WNRF Mission and Vision

This organization seeks "to create a happy and healthy society through research and development on noni (morinda citrifolia L)." Its mission is "to standardize and popularize organic cultivation of noni" and "to validate therapeutic actions of noni" and "create Wellness awareness among people for greater health security by 2020."

Noni Search 2015

In December 2015, WNRF will hold its Second World Noni Congress, known as Noni Search 2015, at SRM University in Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu, India. Scientists and researchers in the field of noni research will be sharing their findings with attendees in a quest for better understanding of noni's effects.

Noni Search 2015 is being held in conjunction with the International Society for Noni Science, Noni BioTech, and the Department of Biotechnology of SRM University. The theme for this year's congress is "Noni and Medicinal Plants for Inclusive Growth and Wellness.

Noni Search includes special lectures, research findings, and awards given for outstanding research, best farming practices in growing noni, and best oral and poster presentations at the symposium.

Noni research Noni is a superfood thought to be beneficial for many diseases.


Research Findings

A detailed list of research and findings related to noni can be found on the WNRF website, along with details about symposia lectures and an impressive list of scientific publications about noni. It is the firm belief of the WNRF that noni improves health and well-being for those who use it and that this knowledge should be shared with everyone around the world in order for the greatest benefit to be gained.

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