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How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Help Get Rid Of Under Eyes Dark Circles, Brown Spots & Acne

How Virgin Coconut Oil Can Help Get Rid Of Under Eyes Dark Circles, Brown Spots & Acne

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Virgin coconut oil has so many internal and external benefits that it's hard to count them all. Some, like skin moisturizing, may seem obvious but not everyone is aware that virgin coconut oil can also lighten or remove dark circles, eliminate brown spots on the skin, and even prevent acne.

Want to get rid of under eyes dark circles and puffy eye bags naturally? Here's 23 easy ways you can.

Banish Circles

Dark circles under your eyes can make you look older and more tired than grey hair or wrinkles. But the truth is, those circles can strike at any age. Dark circles appear under the eyes when you fail to get enough sleep. Seven to 9 hours is ideal.

Although the connection is not entirely understood, it seems that lack of sleep pales the skin and stifles circulation under the eyes and elsewhere. Gravity may play a role as well, as blood pools after a certain period of upright time. Keeping make-up on and exposing yourself to irritants and allergens can also cause dark circles under the eyes. Low levels of B6 and other vitamins can do harm as well.

Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin coconut oil can help with dark spots and pigmentation

One way to achieve bright eyes and skin even faster is to use virgin coconut oil under your eyes. By gently dabbing just a tiny bit beneath your eyes, the soothing and immune-boosting properties of virgin coconut oil quickly penetrate and rejuvenate. Virgin coconut oil is full of nutrients. Give treatment a good few weeks to produce long-lasting, healing results.

Check out our quick guide for more tips on getting rid of dark circles and puffy eyes naturally.


Kiss Dark Spots Goodbye

Dark spots on the skin are the result of skin damage, typically from free radicals, general aging, or the sun. People try all different types of remedies to get rid of dark skin spots, from lactic acid to lemon juice and anti-aging creams.

One product has properties from all those products though. Virgin coconut oil exfoliates like lactic acid, lightens like lemon juice and combats the signs of aging the way expensive creams do - or better.


Kick Acne to the Curb

Perhaps even more dreaded than dark circles or age spots are those episodes of acne that can plague your social life. Acne is the buildup and blockage of toxins and oils under the skin. It tends to develop during the stresses of puberty and other highly hormonal times.

Make-up and excess skin oil can cause clogs, so it's often surprising to remember that a saturated oil can actually combat the ravages of acne, but it really can. Virgin coconut oil gently exfoliates. It also soothes the skin, so that it is less inflammatory. It is chock full of vitamins, minerals and general nutrients that strengthen the skin's integrity.

Virgin coconut oil is antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial, so it effectively wipes out many cases of acne. Virgin coconut oil actually works to combat acne and other inflammatory conditions.


Beautiful Skin

Virgin coconut oil is a safe, popular method of cleaning skin, moisturizing it, infusing minerals and vitamins and eliminating unsightly or communicable skin issues. It can be used in such a variety of ways, gently, softly, naturally.




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  • When I recently burned myself from cooking I reached for extra virgin Coconut oil…I rubbed it into my burnt finger and within seconds pain disappeared!!!!!

    barbara helene meshel on

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