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How to Talk to your Husband about Hair Loss

How to Talk to your Husband about Hair Loss

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Maybe he mentions it as something that bothers him or makes him unhappy. Maybe he just ignores it and hopes you will, too. There's no doubt that the subject of hair loss is a delicate one for many men who experience it. In all likelihood, it doesn't bother you as much as it does him. But as a supportive wife, you want to help him deal with the problem and you don't want him to lose confidence in himself because of some missing hair.

How can wives help their husbands deal with hair loss in the best possible way?

Follow His Lead

Waiting for your husband to bring up the subject of hair loss gives you a natural opportunity to talk with him about it in a helpful way. You can assure him that you love him the same no matter what happens with his hair, and that you will support him if he wants to take steps to enhance and regrow it.

Once he brings up the topic, you can also offer information that you've learned about the subject of hair loss. Don't bombard him with lots of information all at once. Bring up a few things you've learned and see if he asks more questions or wants to pursue the topic. If not, it's probably best to let the matter drop for now and try again later.

Be Gentle

If your husband won't bring up the subject of his hair loss, but it's a topic you would like to discuss, it is probably best to bring it up gently. If you feel comfortable, you can come right out and tell him that you've noticed his hair loss and ask if it bothers him and if he wants to do anything about it.

Sometimes being forthcoming about the topic of hair loss can be misinterpreted as nagging or criticizing. If you fear this will be the case in your relationship, it might be more effective to bring up someone else's hair loss, either someone you know or a movie or television character. By focusing on someone else's hair, you might be able to find out how your husband feels about the topic without discussing him directly.

Hair loss

Try Biconi

Still another way to help your husband deal with his hair loss is to give him hair products by Biconi. Both Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner are formulated with virgin coconut oil and noni extract, which work to thicken existing hair while they go to work on hair follicles so that hair can regrow.

These products by Biconi are all natural and free from the harmful chemicals most other hair products contain - products that can cause damage to hair and follicles, making it more difficult for new hair to grow. Both, husbands who want to try to reverse their hair loss and those who seem unconcerned about it can benefit from the vitamins and antioxidants as well as the lack of damaging chemicals. It's the perfect non-threatening way to help your husband combat hair loss naturally.

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