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How Coconut Oil Benefits Damaged Hair

How Coconut Oil Benefits Damaged Hair

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Nothing tells hair it's loved quite like coconut oil - the most natural and nurturing hair-care product in the world, and one that can't be beat by any fancy salon formula. Nature really does know best.

The benefits of coconut oil for prevention of damage from combing, brushing, bleaching, coloring and heat applications has been well established.

Coconut oil can prevent protein loss, help with moisture retention and help hair retain its ability to stretch without breaking; it can actually prevent hygral fatigue. Studies show that, in addition to providing a lubricating film, coconut oil establishes a hydrophic oil film at the edge of the hair cuticle, further protecting it from damage.

Here are all the pretty details:

Coconut oil benefits damaged hair by:

1. Decreasing Protein Loss

Protein is an essential building block throughout our bodies, and the hair is no exception. It keeps the hair shaft together and protects it from breakage. Coconut oil has been shown in study after study to stem the tide of protein loss in hair.

2. Moisturizing Hair

Although oil is not actually a moisturizer, what coconut oil does is penetrate hair, naturally, and bind to the internal proteins within. This seals in moisture by helping the hair retain water molecules.


Coconut oil benefits damaged hair


3. Preventing Mechanical Hair Damage
Hair puts up with a lot of abuse, from combing and detangling to hot iron styling. All these abuses are known as mechanical hair damage. Coconut oil lubricates to make combing, brushing and detangling easier as it protects the hair shaft and the hair with a seal-like moisture.

4. Reducing Effects of Hydral Fatigue
Hygral Fatigue is the wearing out of hair due to the constant swelling of the hair when water enters the hair shaft, followed by the contracting of the hair shaft when water then exits. Although this is natural, repetitive cycles lead to breakage and moisture loss. Applying a thin layer of coconut oil before shampooing can add tremendous protection against hygral fatigue.

5. Tackling Existing Damage
If hair has already been damaged by all these assaults, coconut oil is an excellent rescuer as well. It binds broken hair fiber together, reducing the look of breakage and split ends. The result is hairs that are smooth and coherent. The seal it provides gives off a shine that covers dry and frayed hair. In effect, coconut oil serves as a band-aid, to help hair recover while still being presentable.

Regular Use, Amazing Results
As often as possible, use a teaspoon of coconut oil, working directly into the hair and then leaving it in for as long as possible. This provides incredible deep conditioning and prevents split ends. Hair will look vibrant and shiny, feel soft, and have lots of volume and elasticity.

Coconut oil is a must-have for anyone invested in looking and feeling their very best, naturally.

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