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The Golden Rules of Beauty: Five Tips and Tricks from Asia

The Golden Rules of Beauty: Five Tips and Tricks from Asia

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Living a healthy lifestyle makes a man or woman not only feel good on the inside but look healthy on the outside as well. While Asians are known for their flawless skin and beautiful hair, by applying the same principles, others can also benefit from the "golden rules" of beauty. Explore the following beauty tips for a more youthful, healthy glow in your skin and repair damaged hair for a healthy shine.

Cleansing Your Face

It's surprising how many people simply don't know the facts when it comes to cleaning their faces, and how many people actually get it wrong. Using soaps and harsh chemicals to clean your face is a good way to dry out your skin. A gentle cleanser or soap that contains moisturizer can be the best choice for removing impurities and leaving the skin sparkling clean without removing essential oils. Moisturizers with virgin coconut oil help replace the oil in your skin, resulting in a smooth, soft face.

Be Careful What You Eat and Drink

Eating a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins contributes toward healthy skin and hair. Vitamin C is a great fighter against free radicals that contribute to collagen breakdown and damage cells. While eating grapefruit and oranges is good, the little strawberry is even better. Strawberries contain a higher amount of vitamin C. Olive oil has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and works against those free radicals in your body. Eating a diet with yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin, leafy green vegetables, mackerel, salmon and other fatty fish, nuts, peas, beans and lentils gets you on your way to improved, healthy looking skin.

Learn to Relax

No one has to be told that stress is bad for you, and it affects your skin too. Because stress can boost the cortisol level in your body, an individual prone to skin eruptions may have worse acne due to the higher level of oils in the skin. Trying meditation, yoga or other relaxation techniques may help.

Sunscreen Helps

People know that going outdoors without sunscreen protection against UV rays can cause skin damage over time. However, while less intense, UVA rays can also penetrate windows, including the windows of your car, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Window film that protects against both UVA and UVB radiation can protect you both in your car and at home.

Beauty tips Use gentle hair products for healthy hair.

Natural Products That Are Good for Your Hair

Spending too much time in the sun, harsh hair products and other factors can contribute to lifeless, dull hair. However, there are natural products that can return your hair to its shine and bounce for women and men both. Egg white, mixed with a little honey and olive oil, can provide moisture to hair and increase the shine. One of the best natural products to return shine to your hair and make it healthy is virgin coconut oil, because it adds the moisture your hair needs. Biconi Hair Revitalizing Shampoo Bar contains virgin coconut oil, noni extract and glycerin and contains the high antioxidants so important to healthy hair. Aloe vera is another natural plant source that is high in antioxidants and vitamins for healthy hair. Just mix gel from fresh aloe vera with a little yogurt and virgin coconut oil and leave it on your hair for about half an hour.

Healthy hair and skin are important to retain a youthful look, and using products with natural ingredients can leave skin silky smooth and clear and return that shine and bounce to your hair. Biconi products are made with nature in mind for men, women and children to enjoy being at their best. Shop women's products or shop our men's products to learn how to look your best.

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