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Going Green With Noni Enzyme: A Gift From Nature

Going Green With Noni Enzyme: A Gift From Nature

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The green movement has become a part of today's culture. Some ways of going green include using items with less packaging, recycling items when possible, and using natural products. This article focuses on the latter.

Natural products are beneficial for many reasons. They are more likely not to have ingredients that can be harmful. Natural products are not processed or are only minimally processed, which usually makes them easier to use and more effective. They can also be more reasonably priced, since there are no chemicals and artificial ingredients to pay for.

For your skin and hair, natural products are especially desirable. Skin is the body's largest organ, and it can absorb at least a little bit of anything that is applied to it. Some skin products have mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, and other chemicals that have been shown to be harmful. Hair can also absorb some of that with which it comes into contact, and hair's appearance is affected by the products applied to it. Rather than harmful chemicals, most natural products contain nutrients, antioxidants and other substances that have positive effects on skin and don't contain harmful ingredients.


Noni is Natural

Noni enzyme comes from trees native to the Polynesian area, including Hawaii, India and Australia. It has been used as an herbal remedy for many illnesses, as well as being applied to skin and hair. Medical researchers have identified 160 phytochemicals in noni, including vitamins A and C, amino acids, and alkaloids, which help the body balance its pH.

Different parts of noni are used for different purposes. Leaves, bark and fruit are all used to naturally treat various medical and non-medical conditions. Noni can be freeze-dried and frozen into powder, but according to studies, this processing does not diminish its effectiveness, and in fact, makes it easier to ingest.

The main drawback to noni is its characteristic funky smell and taste; however, some noni does not have a bad smell and taste. Noni has been used to treat many different illnesses for thousands of years, including infections, diabetes, depression, and even cancer. It is antimicrobial and antibacterial.


Noni enzyme


Noni Helps Skin and Hair

Noni has many benefits for skin. It fights redness, moisturizes, and can even protect against skin cancer by making conditions unpalatable for tumors to grow. In short, noni helps heal skin and then protects it against future damage.

For hair, noni moisturizes and can also help with scalp issues like infections or dandruff. Its organic acids absorb into hair strands to seal in moisture and strengthen the hair, preventing breakage.

Biconi's products for hair and skin contain noni extract along with coconut oil and glycerin. Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser can fade dark spots and works to even skin tone while moisturizing skin. Hair Repair Conditioner stimulates hair regrowth and protects hair from breakage and other damage.

Like all of Biconi's products, these are all natural. They contain no sulfates, pthalates, mineral oil, alcohol or animal products. Biconi products are a great way to get the natural benefits of noni with no bad taste or smell to worry about. Going green has never been so easy!


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