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From the Pantry in a Pinch? Top 5 DIY Beauty Hacks

From the Pantry in a Pinch? Top 5 DIY Beauty Hacks

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There are many household items, from honey to tea bags to garlic and basil, that can be used in recipes for your skin and hair. These recipes promise to do everything from getting rid of puffy eyes to giving your hair more volume. But do these home remedies work, and are they safe to use? Here are some of the most popular DIY beauty hacks, along with the possible drawbacks to using them.

1) Tea bags for puffy eyes.

Just boil some tea bags for 5 minutes, cool in the fridge, and apply to eyes to get rid of puffiness and bags under the eyes. The tannins in tea have a tightening effect, but do you really want brown spots all around your eyes? And who has time to boil, cool, and sit still long enough for this to have an effect?

2) Egg white mask to tighten skin.

Putting some whipped egg whites on your face for 30 minutes helps tighten skin due to the shrinkage as the egg dries. They also remove some oils from your face and draw out whiteheads. Don't get any on your mouth by accident though, because if the eggs contain salmonella, you could get sick!

3) Kosher salt hair spray for a beachy style.

This recipe is made with equal amounts water and kosher salt along with a few squirts of hair gel. Spraying this on your hair and scrunching will give it that tousled after-beach look. Never mind that salt is notoriously drying to hair and that people spend lots of money on shampoo that will get all that damaging salt out of hair after the beach.

4) Lemon or other citrus juice to clean skin.

Lemon or orange juice applied to the skin can brighten, moisturize and tone oily skin as well as fight wrinkles. However, citrus juice can irritate the skin because of its acidity, and lemon juice in particular causes sun sensitivity for about 24 hours and can cause severe sunburn.

Beauty Coconut oil can be used in many beauty products safely.

5) Crushed basil brightens dry, dull hair.

Even if this works, do you really want to smell like pesto until your next shampoo? Same with the garlic and avocado face mask and the avocado and honey hair mask. I'd be afraid to go to sleep smelling like gourmet food for fear that a critter would mistake me for a meal.

Many may be attracted to food-based beauty recipes because they are natural and may be less expensive than many beauty products on the market. Dermatologist Dr. Doris Day has a different perspective, however. "For the most part I prefer . . . cosmeceutical products because they're actually tested on the skin and they go through certain quality control measures," she told CNN.

Biconi has all-natural products for skin and hair that offer many of the same benefits that these DIY recipes promise. Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser, Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner all contain coconut oil and noni extract along with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals. All of these products moisturize and hydrate while nourishing hair and skin with antioxidants.

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