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From the Inside Out: The Many Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

From the Inside Out: The Many Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

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Everyone from Mario Batali to Gwyneth Paltrow has raved about the many uses for virgin coconut oil. It's good for cholesterol, weight loss, brain health and for hair and skin as well. Here are some of the most popular ways people are using coconut oil to look and feel better.

1) Mixed into foods they already eat.

Coconut oil can be emulsified into coffee, oatmeal and smoothies to add nutrition and healthy fat to your diet. A hand blender or immersion blender is probably needed to mix the oil evenly into liquids like coffee, but for everything else, just melt the oil (it melts at 76 degrees, so you don't have to heat it up much) and mix it in well. One to two tablespoons per day is the recommended amount for optimal results.

2) To replace butter and other oils in baked goods.

Coconut oil's texture and slightly sweet taste make it perfect for using in cake, pie crust and cookies to make them a little bit healthier. You may need to experiment with recipes to get the right consistency and texture, but your sweets can be all the sweeter when you know they have some health benefits from coconut oil.

3) For pan frying meats.

If you are going to fry anything, coconut oil is probably the healthiest way to do it. As an occasional treat, you can bread your favorite fish with organic flour, dip in an egg wash, and bread again, then fry in coconut oil on the stove. In moderation, it is the perfect way to feel like you're not depriving yourself when you're eating healthy.

4) For everything related to skin care.

Yes, coconut oil can really do everything for your skin. It can cleanse skin, including removing waterproof makeup. It can moisturize. It can balance skin so you don't break out. You can shave with it. You can make one of those killer body scrubs with it (just add a little oil to salt or sugar). You can soften your cuticles with it. It makes a great foot soak before using your foot file to scrub away dead skin. You can add it to your bath water for a skin softening soak. And after the bath, you can use it in place of lotion.

Virgin coconut oil

5) For dry or brittle hair.

Applying coconut oil to dull, dry hair and soaking for a few hours can bring back shine and bounce. It can be more effective than a deep conditioning treatment without any of the damaging chemicals. It even encourages new hair growth for those who have experienced hair loss because it improves the health of hair follicles on the scalp.

Biconi's hair and skin products all contain virgin coconut oil along with other plant extracts like noni, a powerful anti-inflammatory. No harmful chemicals are used to prevent further damage and speed healing. Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo is healthy for scalp and hair so that it appears fuller and can even regrow. Hair Repair Conditioner gives similar healing effects and also hydrates dry hair. Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser reduces skin redness and gives a healthy glow. And if your skin needs more moisturizing, 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is a great solution.

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