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From the Earth: 8 Benefits of Using Natural Products

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When searching for quality health and beauty products, many people fall prey to slick marketing campaigns, thinking that if they see a product advertised on television or in their favorite magazine, its quality must be good. Others look for high priced items, reasoning that if people are willing to pay a lot for something, it must be worth it.

What many people don't realize about health and beauty products is that many of the best-selling, most-advertised products contain potentially harmful chemicals and are heavily processed. Rather than evaluating products based on their image or price tag, it would be beneficial to look for products made with natural ingredients, without harmful chemicals.

Here are 8 benefits of using natural products in your health and beauty regimen:

1) Protection from infections.

Using natural products like coconut oil and noni, a plant from Southeast Asia, have natural antibacterial properties that kill infection-causing bacteria like candida that cause rashes and infections.

2) Healing skin damage.

Many things can damage skin - the sun, chemical exposure, and poor diet among others. The antioxidants in many natural products have a healing effect on skin. Coconut oil in particular is known to reduce redness and fade acne scars and dark spots, leaving skin looking clearer and healthier.

3) Reduced sensitivity and reactions.

Some chemicals in cosmetics, such as parabens, can cause reactions in those with certain conditions like polycystic ovary syndrome or fibroids. Using only natural products will prevent the adverse reactions chemical exposure can cause.

4) More balanced hormones.

Chemical exposure can also cause hormonal imbalances. Many chemicals act like estrogens in the bloodstream, causing everything from menstrual changes to low testosterone levels in men.

5) Cancer-fighting properties.

Parabens and other chemicals found in popular health care products have been linked to cancer, but many natural products contain compounds that heal and prevent the development of abnormal cells in the body. The Polynesian plant noni is especially effective in healing unhealthy skin, and is often used along with conventional therapies to treat various cancers.

6) Less irritation.

When chemicals are applied to the skin, irritation can result. Natural ingredients like virgin coconut oil and noni actually soothe irritated skin.

7) Vitamins nourish skin.

Coconut oil in particular has lipids that are just the right size to slip into skin cells easily, where its antioxidants can provide nourishment for the skin from the inside out. Noni products are also high in vitamins and antioxidants to leave skin supple and healthy.

8) Low in perfumes.

Some popular products are highly fragranced to cover up the unpleasant smell of the chemicals used. These artificial fragrances add even more chemicals to the product and can cause allergic reactions. Natural products use natural oils for fragrance, when they use any fragrance at all.

Biconi makes natural products for the skin and hair that are free from harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients. Virgin coconut oil and noni provide benefits to the body to heal previous damage and keep skin and hair looking their best.

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