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Frizz Relief:11 Tips and Tricks to Tame Frizzy Hair

Frizz Relief:11 Tips and Tricks to Tame Frizzy Hair

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Frizzy hair can be a constant problem in the summer months, and pops up far too often at all times of the year. It is caused by water entering the hair shaft from the air, as during humid weather, or by excessive heat. Here are some great tips for banishing the frizz from your hair, no matter how hot and humid it gets.

Tip #1: Shampoo Less Often

Washing your hair every day makes it more prone to frizzing, especially if you are using hot water. Cutting back to every other day gives your hair's natural oils a chance to bounce back before getting stripped away again.

Tip #2: Once-a-week Apple Cider Vinegar Treatment

Once a week, between shampoo and conditioner, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water and pour over hair for 10 minutes, then rinse and condition hair as normal. The acidity of the vinegar helps tame frizziness and makes hair shinier.

Tip #3: Avoid Conditioners With Alcohols

Alcohols dry hair, so find a conditioner that doesn't use them. Biconi's Hair Repair Conditioner is alcohol-free and all natural to keep your hair hydrated and smooth.

Tip #4: Cool Water Rinse

Rinsing hair with cool or cold water after conditioning helps seal moisture into the hair shaft and avoids any damage hot water can cause that may lead to frizz.

Tip #5: Swap Towel for a Tee

Rubbing wet hair with a towel to dry it is extremely rough on the hair shaft. Instead, gently wrap hair in an old t-shirt for 5-10 minutes, then pat until hair stops dripping. The smoothness of the t-shirt will prevent the hair shaft from getting roughed up or even broken.

Frizzy hair Using these tips can lead to smooth, shiny hair.

Tip #6: Comb Hair Dry

Comb wet hair gently with a wide toothed comb to air dry it faster instead of blow drying, which adds excessive heat to hair and is one of the worst culprits when it comes to frizz.

Tip #7: Use Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil sparingly to wet hair as it air dries to keep it smooth and add shine. Overdoing this will make hair limp and greasy, so be careful with this one. For thinner hair that does not take to this treatment well, read on.

Tip #8: Deep Condition Once a Week

A natural oil like Biconi's 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil works best as a deep conditioner, but if you have a favorite conditioner, you can use anything that works for you. Add to hair and leave in from an hour to overnight, then shampoo out.

Tip #9: Use Lotion in a Pinch

For a quick fix to frizziness, rub a little bit of any hand or body lotion over the surface of your hair to smooth it. This tip works well when you are away from home without your usual hair care products.

Tip # 10: Cover Your Hair

When going outside on a windy or rainy day, wear a hat or cover hair with a scarf to protect it from becoming frizzy.

Tip #11: Get Silky

If you sleep with wet hair, get a silk or silk-feel pillowcase to sleep on rather than cotton or knit. The smoothness will prevent your hair from getting ruffled up as you sleep.

Biconi's Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner contain virgin coconut oil to hydrate hair and prevent frizz. Both are free of damaging chemicals and alcohol-free to improve the smoothness of frizz-prone hair.

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