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Frequently Asked Questions about Using Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions about Using Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo

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1. What are the ingredients in Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo?

Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo is made from 97% all-natural ingredients, including virgin coconut oil and noni enzyme, along with deionized water, sodium stearate, sodium palmitate, glycerin, allantoin, disodium EDTA and a touch of fragrance.

2. Are any of those ingredients harmful?

Quite the contrary, the ingredients in Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo are chock full of antioxidants, and unlike other shampoos, this one does not contain SLS, sulfates, paragons, phthalate, mineral oil, alcohol or other damaging ingredients.

3. Is Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo vegan? 

Yes! Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo contains absolutely no animal products.

4. Is it true that Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo helps the scalp?

Yes, our Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo encourages a healthy scalp by reviving hair follicles.

5. How is new hair growth encouraged?

The penetration of immune-boosting properties invigorates, nourishes and detoxes your scalp. When those follicles are revived, they can do their job better again.

6. Is the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo difficult to use?

Simply wet, lather in and wash! There is no special regimen required. Just swap your regular shampoo for Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and start seeing results!

7. Does Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo help with dandruff?

Actually, it does. As an antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, and antiviral fruit, our Biconi Noni Enzyme can help to naturally eliminate dandruff and other scalp infections.

Hair rejuvenating solid shampoo
The only difference between bar shampoo and shampoos you pour, is that a bar is even more convenient and easier to use!

8. Besides healing the scalp, does Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo help the hair?

Yes! One of the key ingredients, virgin coconut oil, has been used for centuries to repair and strengthen damaged hair. The oil's medium chain triglyceride are what help to slow hair loss. They also prevent hair breakage and split ends, and moisturize dry hair and scalp.

9. What is Glycerin?

Unlike traditional lye-based soaps, which can be a harsh irritant, we use glycerin, a natural ingredient that locks in moisture to eliminate dry, frizzy hair. As a natural ingredient, glycerin is gentle on sensitive hair and scalp.

10. Do I use a bar differently than shampoo that pours?

No. You just wet your hair, work the solid shampoo into a luxurious bubbly lather and massage gently onto scalp. For best results, leave it in for two minutes before rinsing with warm water.

11. How should I store Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo?

Store Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo in a cool, dry place, as soap will dissolve when left in water.

12. Do I need to use any other products with Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo?

Not everyone needs to, but you can complement Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo with Biconi Hair Repair Conditioner to maintain even healthier, shinier hair!

For maximum effect, please avoid using any other hair products (hair gels, sprays, tonic, etc) for at least 4 weeks. This will allow your hair and scalp to detox from chemicals present in other products, giving your cells sufficient time to recover.

13. My scalp feels oilier after using the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo. Is this normal?

Yes, this is normal if you have an oily scalp. Hair loss can be caused by oil or sebum blocking your hair follicles. Our Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo works by removing blockages from your hair follicles, which will help to encourage hair growth. The oiliness you feel may be an effect of the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo clearing oil blockages from your hair follicles.

If you continue to use the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo, you should typically see an improvement in four weeks. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

14. What results can I expect with the Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo, and how quickly?

Once your hair and scalp are restored to their ideal conditions, hair growth is stimulated. Individual results can certainly vary, but most of our customers notice visible positive changes after 2 to 8 weeks of continuous use.

Now that you know exactly how Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo works, how easy it is to use and how good it is for your hair, why not give it a try?

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