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Expert Interview with Michael Redmond on The Importance of Natural Products, and Business Success

Expert Interview with Michael Redmond on The Importance of Natural Products, and Business Success

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Making bold choices and taking the road less traveled can result in some of the biggest successes in your life. Nobody knows that better than Michael Redmond, the salon environmentalist and president of Onesta Hair Care. When he decided to lead the company in the re-branding of products that they refer to as "eco-chic," they reached greater heights of success. Michael answered our questions about Onesta Hair Care, the importance of natural products, and business success.

What is your professional background? How has it served you in your position with Onesta Hair Care?

My family has been in the professional hair care industry our entire lives. My father and I developed the Onesta products after he went through his battle with cancer. He has been in the industry for over 50 years as a manufacturer, salon owner, and sales representative. He's done and seen it all. After receiving a clean bill of health from the doctors, he took a hard look at what he as putting in and on his body.

The more research my father did, the more he felt the chemicals he had been exposed to over the course of his life had an impact on his disease. That is when he changed his consumer mindset to be more eco-friendly and natural. Everything he put in or on his body was natural or organic. Through his journey and experience, the Onesta Hair Care line was born.

Please tell us more about Onesta Hair Care.

Onesta Means Honesty. For over 10 years, Onesta has helped pioneer the health and wellness category in the professional beauty industry. Our family-owned and operated company uses safer ingredients while still maintaining the salon quality and performance expected of a professional line.

Onesta is free of harmful chemicals, PETA-approved, and cruelty-free. Our commitment to the environment and sustainability is as important as the products we make and ingredients we use. From using wind power to the recycled plastic in our bottles, we feel it is imperative to adhere to environmentally responsible practices in order to preserve what our planet needs to support future generations.

Who should be visiting the Onesta Hair Care website and why? What can they expect to find there?

Everyone. You see, our products are safe for all ages and very gentle on the scalp and skin! The line is still small, and it's very easy to understand which products are right for your hair type. You can expect to learn about our products, ingredients, philosophies, salons that carry our line, and more. With one of the most affordable price points in the professional salon hair care industry, there is a product for everyone.

How important are natural hair care products do your company?

While we do not claim to be 100% natural or organic, we do strive to make products as natural as possible while maintaining the salon quality and performance. Our chemists have scrutinized our formulas and ingredients to come up with the most naturally-derived ingredients possible. In every aspect of our company, we strive to be as natural and environmentally friendly as possible - from the paper we use to the ingredients in our shampoos!

What sort of feedback do you receive from people who try Onesta Hair Care?

We constantly get calls from customers saying, "Your products have changed my life!" or "I can't leave the house without Onesta!" It's truly fulfilling to see, and it makes us feel awesome knowing we're making products that are enhancing our customers' lives. Many customers call after battling serious diseases or even just a small skin irritation and tell us how much our products have changed their hair, skin, scalp, and confidence.

How can Onesta Hair Care products transform someone's hair?

Our line is simple, and there is a product for every hair type. While using more pure, natural hair care products that are rich in antioxidants and Certified Organic botanical extracts, hair looks healthier and shinier and has more body!

Please share with us anything that you think has contributed to the success of Onesta Hair Care. What are some of the things that you have learned along the way?

Natural productsIn January 2014, we did a complete re-branding. We went from the typical, simple, natural looking packaging to more of a luxurious look that we like to call "eco-chic." We've noticed over the past 10 years that being environmentally-friendly and looking at the ingredients you're putting in and on your body has become the trend, and we wanted our packaging to match the lifestyle of our consumers.

Along the way, we have made small adjustments to enhance the safety and performance of our formulas as new research emerges. Staying focused on the natural category and listening to our customers has gotten Onesta to where it is today.

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