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Expert Interview with Meredith McMahon on Choosing Natural Products

Expert Interview with Meredith McMahon on Choosing Natural Products

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No matter how much you strive to safeguard your children and keep unsafe products out of their reach, curious little explorers can sometimes find dangerous, toxic beauty products. Whether you are shopping for hair rejuvenating shampoo or soap to use for the whole family, it's important to choose natural products for the health of everyone in your family, especially children. Meredith McMahon, the Program and Outreach Manager of Healthy Child, spoke to us about how businesses can be an ally in this movement to keep children safe and families well.

What is the history of Healthy Child?

Healthy Child Healthy World was founded in 1992 by James and Nancy Chuda, who tragically lost their daughter Colette to a form of cancer linked to pesticide exposure. To honor her life and try to save others, they formed this organization dedicated to protecting children from harmful chemicals.

Healthy Child merged with the nonprofit research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2014. Together, we are engaging more parents and caregivers than ever before to raise the profile of children's environmental health.

Natural productsWho should be visiting the Healthy Child website, and what can they expect to find there?

Parents, caregivers, and anyone committed to protecting the health of our most precious resource: our children. Our website offers practical and compelling educational resources on topics including toxic chemicals, pregnancy, food, our bodies and our homes. We translate scientific research in easy-to-understand and actionable information so our visitors can make healthier choices for their families.

How can businesses better serve families and protect the health of children?

Pound for pound, children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxic chemicals than adults. We are all responsible for protecting them and safeguarding their future. At Healthy Child, we encourage businesses to take a long view on their products and business practices. Rather than prioritizing how to make products that will sell today, we ask them to focus on making ones that will benefit customers and the environment for years to come.

What should a business do if they're not sure whether their practices do enough to safeguard the health of kids?

Ask us! We welcome conversation with any business interested in supporting a healthy environment for young children and their families.

You have a blogger network. Is that for individuals or also for corporate blogs?

Both. We are excited to partner with any blogger who shares our commitment to educating families about how to keep children safe and live healthier lives in healthier environments.

Please share with us ways that individuals and companies can be an ally to Healthy Child.

Contact us and help spread the word! We hope individuals will visit our website, engage with us on social media, share with their friends, attend an event and most importantly, use the information they learn to make healthy choices for their children and families. We invite businesses that support our mission to join us as Trusted Partners and become part of our Shop Healthy resource. Together we can all make a difference for our children.

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