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Expert Interview with Kim Snyder on Cruelty-Free and Allergen-free Makeup

Expert Interview with Kim Snyder on Cruelty-Free and Allergen-free Makeup

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Even though Kim Snyder isn't vegan, the owner of and creator of Overall Beauty Minerals decided early on that her brand of mineral makeup would be.

To start with, she didn't want to sell mineral makeup with ingredients like talc, cosmetic dyes, carmine, etc. that would make her break out. It can be tough to find a major brand of eye shadow or even brands of minerals that don't have the ingredients she's trying to avoid.

Beyond that, Kim stays passionate about buying products which have not been tested on animals and that use non-GMO ingredients. We recently checked in with Kim to find out what motivated her to start her line and get her take on the good beauty habits and her beauty pet peeves. Here's what she had to say:

Tell us about Overall Beauty. When and why did you start your business? What types of products are you known for?

I started back in 2004 with by selling Mood Changing Nail Polish, Black Magic Mascara and Magic Lash.

Not long after that, I started offering indie brands of nail polish. It kind of branched out from there. Now I also have my own line of vegan mineral makeup under the name Overall Beauty Minerals. My focus is now more on creation as well as promotion of Overall Beauty Minerals.

I think one of those things I am probably known best for is how I feel about men wearing nail polish. It came to a head about a year or so ago. I feel you should wear nail polish and makeup if you want to. I see no reason to freak out over it. I still get emails today thanking me for understanding, as well as asking me questions about applications.

How did you become so passionate about beauty?

I have always been passionate about beauty since I was a teenager. I was one of those that would leave the house and apply my makeup in the bathroom at school. I would light a match to soften the tips of my pencil eyeliner - and yes, I did share it.

From there, I had a few jobs where how you looked was very important.

Now, I am really passionate about anti-aging skincare and how it works or doesn't work. One of the reasons I love blogging is getting to test out all the latest skincare for my age group. I also love helping those who have never tried mineral makeup and have decided it is time. I get a lot of questions about application for those my age.

Who inspires you in this realm?

I would have to say Marilyn Monroe. Even with all the problems she had, she was one of the hardest working actresses of her time period. She was one of the first women to have her own business in a time where that just wasn't done. She came from one of the worst backgrounds to become one of the top stars. You can't just do that while depending on a man to do it for you. It is up to you if you want it bad enough. She was more than just another pretty blond.

Share three beauty tips/secrets you think all women should know.

Wear sunscreen. That is one of the top skincare products that you must apply every day even if you never leave the house. Also, do not depend on your powder mineral foundation to have enough sunscreen in it to be all that you need. It isn't.

If you apply mascara to your lower lashes, use a Q-tip and run it over the tips of your lashes. It helps to remove any mascara so it doesn't smudge as easily.

Can't find your eyeliner pencil? Use a flat tip makeup brush and use your mascara as your eyeliner. By applying it at the base of your lashes, it works just as good as your eyeliner pencil would.

Share three bad beauty habits you think all women should break.

No. 1 that drives me nuts is chipped nail polish. I have such an issue for myself that I will remove polish if there is so much as a tiny chip in it. I have been known to change my nail polish up to three times in a day if what I am wearing chips. I just can't handle it. If you want to wear nail polish and are working as a cashier, in food service, or at a job that your customer will see your hands, wear a light shade so that if it does chip, it won't be so noticeable.

Another bad beauty habit is wearing too much makeup. That is for all age groups. Nothing makes you look older (not in a nice way) if you are wearing so much makeup it looks like your whole face looks painted on.

No. 3 would be not blending in your foundation along your jaw line. That is so noticeable. Or wearing the wrong shade for your skin tone.

What do you look for when shopping for beauty and skincare products? What do you avoid?

Would you believe I tend not to buy major beauty brands products? It is true, I really tend not to.

What is very important to me is whether they are cruelty free or not. That is very important because I believe there is no need to test on animals. I read labels, so now I am looking for products that are non-GMO - and yes, there is makeup that will state that they are. I look for products that state they don't test on animals.

I also tend to buy beauty/skincare products at my local Sprouts because they carry natural/organic products. I have such problems with eye makeup with talc, cosmetic dyes and carmine because they make my eyes itch. My favorite brand of blush breaks out my cheekbones (so I created a mineral blush to replace it). All my eye makeup is what I create because I know what is in it. All the nail polish I wear I order online because I only wear indie brands of nail polish. Indie brands are other small businesses by ladies that are so amazing in what they can create.

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