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Expert Interview with Jamal Hamadi About Natural Hair Care Products

Expert Interview with Jamal Hamadi About Natural Hair Care Products

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It's not every day that a celebrity stylist shares trade secrets with a global audience, but that's what Jamal Hamadi of Amadi Beauty does in this interview.

Read all about his hair care products, the natural benefits they offer and how to have the best hair possible in this interview below.

In what ways can individuals use organic products to enhance natural beauty?

Hamadi Organics is one of the cleanest brands globally. Hamadi products are eco-certified, and we just won the green award for "Clean Care," a global competition that identifies products that are not only ethically produced and contain the cleanest ingredients, but also deliver superior styling and healing power. It's proven!

How do your organic hair products work?

Hamadi products nourish from the inside out, penetrating the hair follicle for healthy, shiny, strong, beautiful hair! We craft our products with the finest ingredients that can be used wet or dry.

What makes your founder Jamal a go-to hair guru?

Jamal is THE go-to hair guru. Because Jamal is sought after for award shows such as the SAG and Emmy's, as well as magazine covers such as Vogue and Glamour, he is beyond up-to-the-moment: he is the moment. He creates looks that truly enhance. That is why he is in such demand.

His haircuts look great well past the fifth or sixth month, which is always the testament. His understanding of hair extends past the cut itself; it is not about words, but sculpting the hair. Having Jamal touch your hair is an experience in itself.

What does eco-chic mean to you?

Eco-Chic is style with a conscience, and it means absolutely no compromise. It equates to complete glamour while adhering to the highest principles of preserving the Earth.

Please describe some of your Hollywood Hair Tips and the ways in which these adhere to natural beauty.

It's all about beauty and nature co-existing. Hamadi believes in truly bringing out your best hair, whether that is super-curly or straight. Those looks are all achieved with our ultra-nourishing styling products, which leave your hair in better condition than you started. Instead of depleting your hair, Hamadi products deliver the moisture and revitalization the hair craves while styling.

What are your thoughts on the benefits of coconut oil and its use on the hair?

Essential oils are very beneficial to the hair and skin. Hamadi Organics has been utilizing essential oils and other botanicals since we began. Coconut oil is popular right now, but I am a firm believer in not favoring any one botanical but instead embracing the properties of what each specific essential oil or ingredient has to offer.

Coconut oil is great for smoothing cuticles and giving shine, but you have to be careful. Virgin coconut oil may clog pores, so keep only on ends of the hair if doing a mask. Fractionated coconut oil is a little more pricey, but stays in a liquid form; thus making it a lighter oil and a better choice for your roots and hairline.

What makes your hair care products different from other natural hair products?

Natural hair care productsThe word "natural" is thrown around way too much. Our products are so clean and pure from origin to your hair. What truly separates Hamadi Organics is that being that Jamal is a celebrity stylist, the products absolutely must deliver; otherwise no one would ask him back. These products are truly Eco-Chic because Hamadi believes beautiful hair should not sacrifice the environment.

We only use the best of the best ingredients, and most importantly our products WORK. They're not a temporary fix, but a true SOLUTION to unruly locks

Please share anything additional that you would like readers to know about Hamadi Beauty.

Hamadi is all about embracing and enhancing gorgeous and luxurious hair. So many people suffer from product overload that's full of chemical ingredients. The Hamadi line is created from nourishing, natural ingredients and essential oils selected for their properties to fulfill our promise of Eco-Chic. Every day can be a great hair day with Hamadi Organics.

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