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Expert Interview with Chloe Jo Davis on Being an Eco-conscious Glamazon

Expert Interview with Chloe Jo Davis on Being an Eco-conscious Glamazon

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Eco-consciousChloé Jo Davis founded 15 years ago when she decided it was time for the radical activists and peaceful beauty queens of the world to unite.

"I realized there needed to be a place for women who cared about a good fake eyelash but also had no problem picketing a slaughterhouse," she told us recently. "We all have a little of both girls in our personality."

So she created "a one-stop online resource for a ferociously progressive, urban-minded approach to cruelty-free living."

Here, Chloé talks a bit more about the GirlieGirlArmy and what drives her to be eco-conscious, and also offers her advice on shopping for cruelty-free products. Read on:

Why are you so passionate about being eco-conscious? What spurred you to adopt this lifestyle?

It all started with a heightened connectedness to animals. I realized when I adopted a dog that animals are our equals in their ability to feel pain, joy, happiness, sadness, fear, etc. This led me to working with Farm Sanctuary and learning about the irrefutable connection between factory farming and global warming, not to mention water waste, cruelty, etc.

Green living - to me - is connected to veganism. They go hand in hand. The UN has come out and said the world must go more plant-based to stop/slow down global warming. This is science and we need to listen up.

Now, as a Mom of three, I want my kids to have clean water and land as they grow.

Your tagline says you're "The Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living." Many people would not associate being glamorous with being socially conscious. How do these to ideas collide for you?

True beauty is a person who is conscious of their world first and foremost.

My consciousness evolves daily, but I feel more beautiful when I do good. When I do good, I feel good. That makes for glowing skin, better sleep, a more contented visage. There's nothing uglier than a woman covered in Botox with a big fur coat; it shows how insecure she is and how she thinks of herself before sentient beings.

Some of the most beautiful people I've ever met are yogis: scrubbed fresh faces and no accouterments. That can be most beautiful.

Glamour is a spirit, not always the biggest jewels. It's the way one can walk in a room and demand all attention, regardless of her flash. That said, I am attracted to sparkly things and leopard print, so I created a place where these two dynamics could peacefully co-exist.

How easy is it to be a socially conscious consumer when it comes to beauty products today?

As easy as having a computer or smartphone! Even if you live in the boondocks, a simple Google search turns up thousands of eco-natural-cruelty-free products that you can safely vet and order online.

Whole Foods has aisles upon aisles of them. has endless archives of reviews. We are big fans of Environmental Working Group (EWG) to double check which of your products are safe. A lot of it is learning how to read labels; you'll want to skip anything containing parabens or triclosan, but there are many other worrisome ingredients linked to a host of dangerous illnesses.

The best thing to do is become an educated consumer. Once you know the basics, it becomes simple to delineate the good from the bad. I have a series on that covers much of this;- here's a video on how to start greening your beauty routine.

What are the benefits of shopping for cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty products?

You know you aren't hurting animals, other people or the environment with your dollar. The vast majority of eco-vegan beauty lines are run independently by conscious, forward-thinking people you want to support.

Unfortunately, buying 99 percent of drugstore products is supporting sketchy conglomerations with unethical animal testing policies and ingredients that will make you sick. Walking the extra blocks to a health food store to buy your beauty products is a no brainer.

What are some of your favorite DIY natural beauty treatments?

Body oil is the easiest thing to make at home. Here's my recipe.

Also, sugar scrubs are as simple as sugar, jojoba oil and a few drops of essential oil. has plenty of recipes for more elaborate recipes like bath bombs, soaps and potions! (Use the search engine to find your favorite!)

But I leave the makeup DIY to the natural chemists ;) There's only one Tammy Faye RIP!

What are some of your favorite eco-friendly cosmetics?

Well, excited to try Biconi - of course! :)

But I love Andalou face products, Duchess Marden products, OCC Lip Tar, Armour Lip Gloss, Big Apple Lipstick, Josie Maran mascara, L'Eclisse's blush, Out of Africa Soap, etc.! We post new products daily and share non stop on our Pinterest board!

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Photo courtesy of Joey Falsetta.

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