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Expert Interview with Catherine Akin on Caring for Your Skin for Biconi

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If there's one beauty tip 19-year-old beauty blogger Catherine Akin wants to share with women, it's to wash off that makeup before you go to bed at night.

"I can definitely put my hands up and say that there are a few nights out where I come home and fall into bed without washing off my makeup - and I always regret it over the next days when a spot inevitably appears," she says.

Catherine started Skylish, a beauty and style blog, when she was just 16. Now the London resident offers her favorite makeup and fashion finds between working on degrees in finance and accounting. Here, she took break from studying to tell us about her site and share about her beauty routine and favorite trends. Read on:

Tell us about Skylish ... when and why did you start your site? Who should be reading it?

Skylish was originally a blog and resource website. When I was in my early secondary school years, I would post personal blogs, mainly about school and school drama, and also make different designs for any of my visitors to use. Eventually, I decided to create a beauty blog on the side, that molded into being a beauty and style blog, and as well as lifestyle, and these are now the sole purpose of my blog. My audience is really females of any age.

When did you fall in love with beauty? What excites you about experimenting with beauty and style?

I remember one time in year eight a girl walked past me who I thought was really pretty, and she inspired me to start caring more about my appearance. I started YouTube-ing hair tutorials, and that eventually led me into makeup tutorials, which absolutely amazed me, as I never knew at the time how many cool things you could do with makeup. Over the years, through watching these videos, I've learned so much more about beauty.

What excites me when it comes to experimenting with both beauty and style is really just trying out new looks for new events. I will be going to quite a dressy event in a few days, and I think I'm more excited about picking an outfit and doing my makeup than the actual event itself!

What does your daily beauty routine consist of?

In the morning, I scrub my face with a Clearasil scrub and also a Green People scrub. I do the general shower, body wash, toothbrush and moisturizer routine. At night I wash off my makeup and apply a Clearasil face wash; I let this face wash sit whilst I brush my teeth; then once washed and dried, I apply a Clearasil spot treatment cream.

Lastly, I apply argan oil to my hair every night before I sleep. I used to have the longest beauty routine ever with millions of products, but I decided to slice it down last year, and it has actually improved my skin.

What do you like to do when you want to pamper your skin?

When I pamper my skin, the No 1 thing I like to do is apply a facemask. I also like to scrub and steam my face. I used to pamper my skin a lot more often than I do now - at least once every two weeks in Sixth Form - but now I barely have any time to do it!

What beauty products do you make sure never to leave home without?

I never leave the home without a hand cream. Days when I have done that, I've felt completely lost during my day - definitely a go-to beauty product.

What do you look for when making beauty purchases? What do you steer clear of?

When making beauty purchases, I really just go for either a brand I feel as though I can trust or a product that I have seen recommended. It is not out of the ordinary for me to see a blogger post about a product and go out and buy this product myself in the following days.

What are some of your favorite beauty trends right now?

My favorite beauty trend as the moment I think has to be a bold lip. As it's getting colder and the winter is coming up, I have seen many opting for this trend, and going for a less ordinary red, but deeper/burgundy colors. Another trend I like would definitely have to be the bold eyeliner; I am so obsessed with eyeliner.

Who inspires you when it comes to beauty and style? Why?

Bloggers inspire me the most when it comes to beauty and style! That's why you'll always catch me browsing Bloglovin' when I can. Otherwise, I am going to raise my hand and say that Kim Kardashian inspires when it comes to beauty and style - she always looks flawless.

Connect with Catherine on Twitter and Tumblr.

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