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Expert Interview Series: Rand Khalil on Health Benefits of Natural Products

Expert Interview Series: Rand Khalil on Health Benefits of Natural Products

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Are you chronically fatigued? Have you ever experienced pain or swelling in your feet or anywhere else in your body? That could be the result of toxins that have been placed in your body by unnatural chemicals or commercially-processed foods.

Rand Khalil, Co-Founder of Pure Inside Out, says a transition to all natural products might be the first step in your road to recovery. Rand has also co-authored two books: The Original Detox Bath: Zen Secrets to a Healthy and Flat Tummy and The Holiday Survival Guide for Healthy Hedonists.

Health benefits of natural productsBiconi recently spoke with Rand about the health benefits of natural products.

What are 3-5 benefits to using all natural products in the bath or shower?

1. Avoiding Harmful Chemicals: Commercial bath and shower products are loaded with harmful chemicals and detergents (parabens, etc.). Those are absorbed directly into the body through the skin and can have adverse side-effects on health.

2. Preventing Allergies: Many of us develop allergies and irritation due to chemicals, since those can be notoriously harsh on organisms.

3. Caring for the Environment: Commercially-produced bath and shower products contain ingredients which pollute the water and the air. Some of these ingredients are non-biodegrable and will therefore linger and harm the environment and other living creatures.

Why is such an emphasis placed on "natural" in the modern age?

Research has shown that the excessive use of chemicals has had adverse side-effects on human health. Some serious and debilitating diseases have been attributed to toxins in chemicals which are included in commercially-produced foods and products. This awareness has resulted in a general trend towards a return to nature and all things natural.

How can consumers break free from some of the more harmful products on the market without breaking the bank?

Not all natural products are expensive. As a matter of fact, you can easily learn to make your own products using natural ingredients. Some of the most common ingredients such as sugar (for facial scrubs), egg whites (for skin tightening), lemon (for greasy skin) and honey (moisturizing, antiseptic and pore cleansing) are readily available in most kitchens.

How have natural products been able to vastly change a person's life for the better? Do you know of any specific stories?

We have had some amazing feedback from readers using the Detox Bath method that we revived in our eBook "Detox Bath." The method uses only water to detoxify the body, helps eliminate fat and cellulite, improves skin tone, boosts energy and helps digestion. The technique was developed by a German naturopath, Louis Kuhne, in the late 19th century. It is still as relevant and effective today and is completely natural.

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