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Expert Interview Series: Liv Lundelius on Natural Beauty Products

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"The skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs the products we put onto it," observes Liv Lundelius. The Liv Lundelius Blog covers a wide variety of beauty topics. As a professional makeup artist, beauty writer, and blogger, Liv helps others make the connection between healthy skin and natural makeup; and she shares her experiences with eco-luxe beauty products. She generously shared some of her thoughts on natural beauty products, makeup, and more with us.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey to where you currently are as a makeup artist?

I have loved holistic beauty for as long as I can remember. I was absolutely fascinated by all the beautiful creams and cosmetic bottles in my Mum's beauty cabinet, and I always spent a little too much time in the bathroom.

I was paying close attention anytime I heard something about beauty; and at the age of five, I read that avocado is very good for the skin. I went straight for my Mum's beauty cabinet, grabbed her favorite jar of moisturizer, and I then mashed some fresh avocado out of the kitchen into her luxurious cream.

When I heard my Mum screaming my name that night, I suspected that something went wrong. The avocado had, of course, gone all brown and oxidized and my mums moisturizer was ready for the trash bin. However, when I explained what I did, she couldn't really be too mad with me.

For my next birthday, I received a book on homemade beauty products, and the results were way better than my first attempt. A Naturopath with an organic lifestyle herself, my Mum was always encouraging me to stay away from the "superficial" beauty industry.

Little did she know that her lipstick-loving little one was on a mission to become a makeup artist. Since then, I have followed my heart and added my holistic background and knowledge to my passion for beauty and luxury.

Why is it important for skin care products to be organic?

Organic farming is the most sustainable and respectful way to treat our planet. Most people know by now what a difference organic food makes. It is more nutritious and has better flavor, and it also is free of any pesticides.

It's the same for skincare and makeup. Organic certification ensures that the ingredients will be pure and of the highest quality, and they are also more potent.

How important are the ingredients in skin care products?

The ingredients are everything! Of course, it depends on the right composition and blend of ingredients. It's like cooking a meal. The right ratio of what you put together is important, but it's mostly the quality of ingredients.

As I mentioned before, the skin does absorb what we put on top of it, so it's important to choose safe, toxin-free ingredients.

Are there any nutrients that are especially important for skin care products?

Yes, there are so many essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are important. Many natural organic oils provide a real cocktail of valuable skin food.

If someone wants to detox their beauty bag, where should they start?

It is a bit of a journey. Of course, it all starts with research about ingredients. It's always best to swap out the products that you use daily first, such as a moisturizer or foundation. Start with the products that stay on your skin for the longest time and the ones that you use most frequently.

Anything that contains synthetic fragrance needs to go asap. It might be easiest to commit to buy from a health food store or specialist organic skin care stores at first, which already have done a lot of the legwork.

What's a skin care secret that you wish more people knew?

Pure organic oils are SO good for the skin. Many people are afraid that oils will make them break out or cause their skin to be oily. This is not true. There are many lightweight oils that absorb quickly, and everyone can find the oil that's right for them.

What are your own favorite beauty products?

They always change, I am currently loving Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation and Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer & PlayOn Lip Crayons.

How important do you think it is for people to have a regular skin care regimen?

It is very important to stick to a simple skin care routine to keep the skin healthy and radiant. The skin does need to be cleansed and moisturized correctly. A gentle exfoliation twice a week is an important addition as well. It doesn't need to be complicated.

What's one skin myth that you wish you could permanently debunk?

I hate that some people think, "Natural products don't work." It drives me nuts! Some people might have tried the wrong products that weren't right for their skin. Many people don't even know what truly natural products are and have been victims of green washing. There are so many amazing natural brands out there today that everyone can find the right products.

What are some of the things that you have learned about beauty as a makeup artist?

I think the beauty of my job is that you never stop learning. Beautiful, healthy skin is the most important factor for any look, and less makeup is usually more.

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