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Expert Interview Series: Greg Aghamanoukian of MenEssentials with Men's Grooming Tips

Expert Interview Series: Greg Aghamanoukian of MenEssentials with Men's Grooming Tips

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If you're a guy who is tired of ingrown hairs and razor burn, it might be time to check out MenEssentials, which offers more than 1,200 men's grooming and shaving products as well as education and solutions for the shaving and grooming issues men face every day.

"We are the Sephora for men with a cooler vibe," says CEO Greg Aghamanoukian.

Greg recently spent a few minutes telling us about MenEssentials and offered his take on why men should consider spending more time investing in their skin. Here's what he had to say:

Mens grooming tipsTell us the story behind MenEssentials:

MenEssentials took life many years ago in Canada when we wanted to create the ultimate destination for men to find great quality shaving and grooming products and explore while having fun. We carry over 150 unique and quality driven brands with 1,200 products, so we can provide choice to our customers and exceptional value.

Our mission is to transform daily shaving and grooming into an exciting Zen-like experience of the senses that can considerably improve the appearance and comfort of our customers. We simply want men to look and feel awesome!

We currently are one of the largest online retailers in the United States and Canada. We wanted to provide physical retail locations so our customers can have the opportunity to come in person and have a sensory experience by smelling, touching and feeling the products. Also, we want to educate men about their options, since many are seeking solutions to various problems or simply want to learn about various products. In addition, we want to educate our customers and offer solutions by having knowledgeable staff, complimentary shaving classes and a multitude of our information on our Shave Cave blog and YouTube channel.

Our first retail store opened in Toronto; and in July of this year, we opened our Los Angeles brick and mortar location. This is just the beginning of our retail expansion, which will include brick and mortar stores in New York, Washington, and Chicago within the next three years.

What do you think is the secret to a well-groomed man today?

The secret is education and simplicity. Men need to know what products to use in their grooming routine. For the man who is sporting a clean look, he must definitely shave using a Double Edge safety razor!

What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to men's grooming?

In-grown hairs, razor burns, and irritation of the skin under the beard - which are all very simple things to fix with the appropriate techniques and products.

Has men's interest in hair/skincare changed in recent years?

Yes. Men are finally realizing the many choices they have and that it is perfectly fine to spend a little time to feel good and reward themselves with a great look.

What are the biggest trends in hair for men today?

Here are a few:

  • Judging from the models in Europe this year, beards are on the way out and the clean-shaven look is in.
  • Men want quality and are definitely tired of spending huge amounts of money on disposable razors. They are slowly turning their attention to double-edge safety razors and good shaving creams, which are way better for their skin and cost pennies per shave.

What are the most popular types of products you sell?

Double Edge safety razors like the Merkur 23000 or 38000, straight razors for the guys seeking a thrill, and beard oils from Beards and Beavers!

What do you think should be a part of every guy's skincare routine?

Shave every day using good creams and soaps. Follow up with a simple after shave technique like using an Alum block and cold water. For guys with beards, they need to wash and condition with a good beard wash such as Bluebards and then follow up with applying a good beard oil.

What should men be doing to take care of their skin before and after shaving?

The key to great skin should involve using a good preshave if you have sensitive skin and a good quality shaving cream. After the shave, cold water and Alum block is necessary, followed up with a post-shave product. As well, one of the most important tools is the use of a shaving brush, which is key to getting your skin and whiskers ready for the shave.

Can you share some shaving dos and don'ts?

  • DO NOT use disposable razors, as they cause skin irritation and in grown hairs
  • DO NOT use cheap and dull razor blades
  • USE a Double Edge safety razor, because it provides for a single precise blade shaving your whiskers
  • USE a shaving brush to properly spread the shaving cream or soap on your face and prepare your razor to glide on your skin
  • USE cold water after you shave to close the pores of your skin and prevent bacteria from penetrating your skin
  • USE Double Edge safety razor blades as they are much less expensive per shave and much better for the environment since they do not generate plastic waste.

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